How can MSers feedback on the green paper? – MS & Employment 2017

In this video Robby interviews Laura Wetherly who is a Policy Manager. The interview was filmed by

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Robby, How can MSers feed back on the Green Paper and can we get involved?

Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager. Yes, there are lots of ways to get involved and I’d really encourage anyone who’s interested to have a read of the Paper. There’s an easier read version as well, available on the internet, if that’s of interest to anyone. Both the MS Society and Shift MS will be kind of responding to the Green Paper and we’d really, really like to hear the views of people with MS to help us do that. And you can do that by submitting a short survey that we’re going to send out and share and it will be really important to hear your views. The other thing you can do is respond to the consultation directly, which will be open online until 17th February at

Robby, Sure. Are there any social media platforms that MSers could get involved with, get feedback that way?

Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager. Yeah, definitely, of course. I think first of all as charities we’ll be tweeting about it and sharing about it, so do get in touch with us to let us know what you think. But also, the government are using the hashtag, ‘workandhealth’, to talk about this, so do kind of get on Twitter and use that hashtag to let us know what you think. And you can contact them at the DWP as well.

Robby, Sure.

MS Reporter : Robby
MS Expert : Laura Wetherly, Policy Manager.

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