How can MSers more effectively communicate their needs to their Neurologist?

In this video Aoife interviews Helmut Butzkueven who is a Associate Professor. The interview was filmed by Millar

Video transcript

Aoife Is there anything that we as people with MS can do to help communicate our message to our practitioners if we feel that our treatment plan is not working?

Helmut Butzkueven, Associate Professor Look, I think that’s a very important question. I think that people with MS should be empowered to actually tell their neurologist that their treatment plan is not working. They should not be hurried in those appointments or feel pressure to limit those conversations. What we’ve done in MS Brain Health is to publish a document that is trying to set certain standards of care, around diagnosis, but also around monitoring. MRI scans, for example, do you know the results of your MRI scans? We think you should.
Is there a plan, some kind of plan that you can say, okay, I’m being monitored for my multiple sclerosis in this way, and that seems to be working. So with those standards I think it will empower people with MS to have those conversations with their neurologists because those standards come from experts: expert patients, expert nurses, expert MS agencies, MS organisations, and the doctors themselves. So with that document we think that you can walk into any practice and say, this is the consensus and I feel that I would like to have more information about this, or I believe my treatment is not working for this reason, and that allows people to open that conversation.

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Expert: Helmut Butzkueven, Associate Professor
MS Reporter: Aoife

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