Can MS put a strain on relationships? What can you do if it does?

In this video Robby interviews Dr Rachel Davies who is a Counselling Psychologist. The interview was filmed by Varsha

Video transcript

Robby: Can MS put a strain on relationships and what can you do to help avoid this?

Dr Rachel Davies, Counselling Psychologist: I think obviously it can for some people put a strain on the relationship. But not for everybody and there is certainly things you can do about it. So the first thing I would say that really helps is to be able to talk to your partner about what’s going on, what your worries are, what you’re worried about for the future, because I know that’s a big thing in MS, it’s not just how you are now, it’s thinking ahead as well.

Robby: Sure.

Dr Rachel Davies: And also the partner being able to say what they’re worried about. So I think if you can start communicating about your concerns really early then it doesn’t become something so much that builds up kind of between you. The other thing that I think really helps is not letting MS define your whole relationship. So you as a couple are more than your MS, so making sure that you’re still doing some of the normal things you’ve always done together and you keep other things alive in your relationship, not just talking about MS.

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