How can I compare my treatment options?

In this video Kirsty interviews Carly Gillespie who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by Array

Video transcript

Kirsty: Hello, my name’s Kirsty and I’m here at the Southern General Hospital with my MS nurse, Carly, and I’m going to ask some questions. Hello Carly.

Carly Gillespie, MS Nurse: Hello.

Kirsty: How can I compare my treatment options?

Carly Gillespie: Well, there’s a few different ways. The most common way is going on to the MS Decisions website and typing in which drugs that you have, it’s suggested that you choose from, and you can compare them that way. So that’s quite an easy way of doing it. And that’s through the MS Trust website. Another way is to obviously get the MS Trust DMT booklet, and that has a big long list of all the different drugs and you can look down and compare and what’s the difference between them all. Or the other thing is just discussing it with your MS nurse or your MS consultant, what are the differences and what’s the comparison for your individual MS treatment options.

Kirsty: Is the MS Decisions website updated quite regularly?

Carly Gillespie: Yeah, I think it is. I mean certainly it’s not one I go on a lot, because it’s patients and patients don’t really tell… patients like using it, they don’t tell me there’s issues with it, so yeah, these websites are updated very regularly.

Kirsty: That’s great. Thank you.

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