What breaking news has been released at MSParis2017?

In this video Robby interviews Professor Alan Thompson who is a Consultant Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Heather

Video transcript

Grace Hello, welcome to Shift. I’m here with a neurologist, Barry Singer, and we’ve got some questions to ask him.

Hello Barry, thank you for doing this.

Thanks, Grace.

We’re very grateful.

Wonderful to be here, Grace.

Grace Okay, so the first question is, what breaking news has been released at MSParis2017?

Barry There’s a lot of really exciting news, really advances in treatment, we’ve just come so far in a quarter of a century. So we’re hearing about new medications, new therapeutics and a lot of follow-up on those medications that are currently available on the market. So we’re hearing more extension in the positive impacts. For example, yesterday, presented data on Lemtrada, one of our medications that is an IV treatment that you get five days and then you get another course three days later. And we found that most people can go up to seven years without any additional treatment with Lemtrada.

Grace Oh really?

Barry And the amazing thing is, we found that 44% of people actually had improvement in disability from when they entered the trial seven years earlier. So we’re starting to see the lasting impact and really changing the disease course, and that’s what so exciting, and I see that in my practice. You know, when I take care of people who are able to get in control of this disease so much earlier than we used to. So now that people can do much better long term.

strong>Grace Yeah. Oh my god, that’s so good to hear, that’s awesome.

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