Is there anything which you would like see more of at future conferences?

In this video Michaela interviews Professor Hans Lassman who is a Professor of Neuro Immunology. The interview was filmed by Mike

Video transcript

Michaela from the MS community: Is there anything that you think is missing from this conference this year that you’d like to see more of over the next years?


Professor Hans Lassman, Professor of Neuro Immunology: No, I think, you know, the MS research is very diverse and there are many different lines of research which are followed, and I think this includes in principle most of the important research areas and lines which are necessary, and I think also in principle the funding to do these projects when they are good is available.  One can always discuss whether some priorities are more reasonable and others less, but that is in many respects a subjective bias.


Michaela: Yeah, definitely.

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