Has anything good come into your relationship as a result of having MS?

In this video Cat interviews Rachel who is a MSer Expert. The interview was filmed by Rob

Video transcript

On behalf of the MS community, MS Reporter Cat asks Dr Rachel Davies if anything good has come in to her relationship as a result of having MS.

Is there anything good that has come into your relationship as a result of having MS?

Dr Rachel Davies There is actually, and even though it’s surprising to say ‘good’ and ‘MS’ in the same sentence, I think for myself and my husband we’ve become a bit more… we have become more considerate, more patient with each other, more empathetic. And I also think we learned, or we have appreciated much more the smaller things and focussed more on, you know, the things that make us happy that day and family and friends, and realising those are the important things, rather than the small little things that bubble along and irritate you.

MS Reporter: Cat
Mser Expert: Rachel

Interview themes:
– Rachel and her partner have learnt to be more patient and empathetic.
– They have learnt to live for today and value the everyday things
– Also, don’t delay doing activities for the future, do them now.

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