Do you have any advice for MSers that are planning to travel?

In this video Casey interviews Dr Stephanie Zihms who is a Expert MSer. The interview was filmed by Jill

Video transcript

Casey So,do you have any advice for MSers that are planning to travel?

So I think if you’re planning to travel in the UK, you probably want to make sure you know the routes, have a contingency plan if you are delayed, know what train stations, for example, you’re changing. If you’re travelling the same route more than once, obviously you will know your way round, but if it’s a new route it might be worth just checking ahead of kind of places, website for maybe train stations or airports. If you’re travelling abroad I think you should learn how to say ‘I have MS’ in the language of the country you’re travelling to, that can be very helpful. And yeah, I think that’s probably it.

Casey Okay. Quite a lot of people with MS have bladder issues, do you have any tips for dealing with this when you’re abroad?

Dr Stephanie Zihms Yeah, so for travelling abroad I think going for shopping centres or shopping malls or big department stores, they will always have a bathroom, so you don’t necessarily have to ask around if you don’t want to. The same for like train stations or underground stations. Maybe learn the word for toilet, if it’s not as close to the English word, in the country you’re travelling to. If you’re travelling in the UK, get yourself a Radar key. Get through the – I need to find out the website, but we can probably put it on the video somehow or link to it – and then that will open any accessible toilet in the UK that’s part of the Radar key scheme.

Casey That’s a really good tip.

MS Reporter: Casey
Expert: Dr Stephanie Zihms, Expert MSer

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