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Through the MS Reporters project, train MSers to become citizen journalists, and match them with experts and influencers. These MS Reporters conduct interviews as representatives of their community, holding experts to account, filming their meetings to build a video library of expert knowledge that is accessible to the wider community.




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What is NEDA and what does that mean for MSers?

Can you have a clear MRI but still have MS?

When is MS considered to be benign?

I was diagnosed with MS aged 56, my identical twin died aged 36. Would he have been diagnosed with MS?


 What impact do DMTs have on disease progression? 

Do MSers who take DMTs have side effects. Do these end?

Where are we with repurposing drugs being available for MSers?

Are we making progress in getting treatments for progressive MS?

How much choice do MSers have in their choice of treatment?

Why aren’t statins given to Secondary Progressive MSers when they’ve passed Phase 2 clinical trials?

Some patients who take DMDs have side effects. Do these end?

When will there be a disease modifying treatment for Primary Progressive MS?


Do you have any tips on improving cognitive functions? *NEW

What should I expect from an occupational therapy assessment? *NEW

I have the MS hug. What can I try to alleviate it? *NEW

What can MSers do to help with balance? *NEW

What are the best ways to alleviate fatigue? *NEW

My eyes have been blurry, should I see my MS Nurse? *NEW

Is there evidence if someone’s first symptom is optic neuritis, they have a better prognosis?

What can MSers do for pain management that is 100% safe for pregnancy?

What effect does brain volume loss have on MS progression?

There are differences in approach by medical staff when prescribing steroids, why?

How can MSers combat pain without taking disease-modifying drugs?

What can MSers do for general pain management?

Can you suggest ways of relieving pain without medication?

Is there a limit on the time an individual can take pain relief?

How can MSers avoid UTIs?

For MSers with stiff legs, what is best approach, medication or exercise?


MS Research

How can MSers get involved in clinical trials?*NEW

What is current MS Research focusing on?

Where do you think the next breakthrough drug for MSers will come from?

How do clinical trials impact on the future of research?

Are we making progress in getting some effective drugs for progressive MS?

Are there international research agendas that influence UK research?

When will there be a DMT for primary progressive MS?

Where are we on repurposing drugs being available for MSers?

Do you think there will ever be a way to predict disease progression?

How does work on remyelination in MS relate to other neurological conditions?

What work does the Centre of Regeneration at the University of Edinburgh do on remyelination?

Why is remyelination slower in MS?

Does the principle of remyelination work the same for relapse remitting and primary progressive MS?

Is there any hope for a treatment to repair depleted myelin?

Is there hope for stem cells being used to slow or halt progression, or even for rehabilitation?

Stem cell treatment seems to be available for other illnesses. Why not MS? 

Does clearing myelin debris following relapse accelerate the remyelination process?

How do you research remyelination?

If remyelination works, what does that mean for disease progression?

Is there a connection between remyelination and brain lesions? Can this be detected by MRI?

What research is being done to reduce neurodegeneration for MSers?

Will remyelination affect relapsing remitting MSers and progressive MSers the same?

Will future treatments for MS be administered as infusions or tablets?

Do you work with other MS centres, and if so on what aspects of research?

How do you test molecules that might one day be used as a treatment for MS?

Healthy living

What diets should MSers follow? *NEW

How can CBT can be used to help with adjustment? *NEW

How would you respond if the patient wanted a reassuring hug? *NEW

How much vitamin D should MSers take?

Work and play

What adjustments can I make to help me get in and out of the bath? *NEW
What should I expect from an occupational therapy assessment? *NEW
Are there other types of therapies beyond CBT for MSers? *NEW