An MS diagnosis is a diagnosis of uncertainty, every MSer experiences their condition differently and each person’s condition progresses uniquely. This often leaves those with the condition feeling unable to plan or predict their future, a situation that can breed questions that don’t necessarily have answers and as a result, worry and stress that can be all pervasive and very hard to resolve.

This MS Reporters series sets out to capture this uncertainty and how affects us on a human and a scientific level. In the series we interview MSers about their experiences and the ways they have dealt with uncertainty as well as an MS Nurse, a Clinical and a Health Psychologist about the impacts of stress, worry and uncertainty on our health and what you can do about it.


There are six episodes in this series;


Episode 1 ‘Why does MS cause so much uncertainty?’
Episode 2 ‘How does the uncertainty of MS affect you?’
Episode 3 ‘What is stress and how can it affect you in the long term?’
Episode 4 ‘When does worry become anxiety and how to spot the difference?’
Episode 5 ‘What actions can you take to manage your uncertainty?’
Episode 6 ‘How do MSers manage their own uncertainty’

Episode 1 – Why does MS cause so much uncertainty?

In this episode MS Specialist Nurse Carmel Wilkinson describes all the many ways that she has seen uncertainty affect her patients during the course of her career.


Episode 2 – How does the uncertainty of MS affect you?

In this episode MS Reporter Clare interviews MSer Experts Dean and Heather and asks them to relate how the uncertainty that a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis brings affects them the most.


Episode 3 – What is stress and how can it affect you in the long term?

This episode sees, Health Psychologist, Dr Katrin Hulme describe some of the science of stress, the chemical reactions that are happening in our bodies when we feel stress and discusses with Kim the potential value that stress can have.


Episode 4 – When does worry become anxiety and how to spot the difference?

This episode sees our worry expert, Clinical Psychologist, Dr Colette Hirsch describe the transition from everyday worry to more general anxiety, how to spot it and combat it.


Episode 5 – What actions can you take to manage your uncertainty?

In this episode Kim asks a health and clinical psychologists, Dr Katrin Hulme and Dr Colette Hirsch what actions an individual can take to deal with the uncertainty in their lives.


Episode 6 – How do MSers manage their uncertainty?

In the final episode of this series, we return to Clare, Dean and Heather and see them discuss the ways in which they have overcome the challenges that uncertainty has place in their path.