Managing Uncertainty

An MS diagnosis is a diagnosis of uncertainty. Every MSer experiences their condition differently and each person’s condition progresses uniquely. This often leaves those with MS feeling unable to plan or predict their future, a situation that can result in questions that don’t necessarily have answers and, as a consequence, lead to levels of worry and stress that can be all-consuming.


To tackle this uncertainty head-on and gain both a clinical and community perspective, MS Reporters developed a six part series, taking questions from the community and building them along a narrative flow. These six episodes were led beautifully by MS Reporters Kim and Clare, and benefited from the insights of two Expert MSers, one MS Specialist Nurse and two Health and Clinical Psychologists.



MS Reporters videos in this series


Episode 1 – Why does MS cause so much uncertainty?

We get straight to the heart of the matter in this first episode, as MS Reporter Clare chats to MS Specialist Nurse Carmel Wilkinson about why MS in particular causes so much uncertainty.



Episode 2 – How does the uncertainty of MS affect you?

In the second episode of ‘Managing Uncertainty, MS Reporter Clare interviews 2 people with MS, learning how their lives have been personally impacted by the uncertainty of the condition.



Episode 3 – What is stress and how can it affect you in the long term?

In this episode, Health Psychologist Dr Katrin Hulme is interviewed by MS Reporter Kim to bring things back to basics: what exactly is stress as a physical and emotional phenomenon – and how can prolonged stress impact an individual with MS?



Episode 4 – When does worry become anxiety, and how to spot the difference

In the fourth episode of this series, MS Reporter Kim is back to interview Dr Colette Hirsch, a Clinical Psychologist. They discuss the key differences between ‘worry’ and ‘anxiety’, and signals of both for people with MS to look out for.



Episode 5 – What actions can you take to manage your uncertainty?

In the penultimate episode, MS Reporter Kim invited both Dr Colette Hirch and Dr Katrin Hulme back to share decisive, practical steps MSers can take to manage their uncertainty.



Episode 6 – How can MSers manage their uncertainty?

In this final episode, MSers Clare, Dean and Heather share their personal top-tips for managing the unpredictable nature of MS, and the practical methods through which they have overcome the challenges that uncertainty has placed in their path.