Work can give a sense of identity and purpose. It provides us with social connectivity, greater independence and financial security.


The #MakeWorkWork campaign shines the light on a number of people living with multiple sclerosis and their experiences of work.


By sharing their stories and drawing attention to every day successes, concerns and failures, the campaign aims to promote the importance of work for people living with multiple sclerosis, both within the MS community and beyond.

‘The Commute’



Three people with different experiences of MS take us on a daily journey we can all relate to – The Commute.


Dean’s commute

“Every bit of me creaks and cracks.”

Marlo’s commute

“I have struggles that no one would ever see.”

Sarah’s commute

“I’ve got this strength that I didn’t know I had before.”




What do you keep from the people at work? Oscar Lessing was diagnosed with MS in 2008. He’s created ‘Defining’, an interactive artwork in response to crowdsourced information from people with MS asked about what work means to them.


In the film, Oscar introduces his installation and addresses the challenges of telling people at work about living with multiple sclerosis.





The #MakeWorkWork campaign has been made possible with the support of:

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