4 years ago
you've got to laugh at things us ms' ers do

Just read everyclouds comment bout having to laugh especially when u accidently throw change at cashiers etc and I think we should all learn to not take ourselves so seriously so please share the funnier sides of ms that oerhaos onky we can get away with talking about eg when I went out shopping with a friend, legs gave way, I srarted uncontrollably laughing, wet myself then cried with embarrassment….heh ho

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Oh and not able to write and find u’v innocently called them some nasty name :s

I’m still trying to work out what ‘oerhaos onky’ means. Hahahahaha.

See pottypete, exactly…….it should say perhaps only………..lmao

I try to pick up a cup of tea and, of course, I tremor and it spills everywhere – I guess that’s what saucers are for 😛

I was at a party at my previous boss’ house a few years ago and felt the glass of wine in my hand start to shake slightly at which point my brain went into panic mode and whilst the conscious part of me looked around for a safe place to put it down, the other part tried to do the opposite and I ended up throwing it across the room! Ace!

I was walking into Primark in Leeds a few years back, didn’t spot the step on the way in and fell straight through the open door.

i was unsteady at work last week and my colleague offered to help me. i laughed it off and said i was fine, reached up to take a box off the shelf and dropped it on my head. i then fell forward, put my hands out to stop myself falling – dislodging a few open boxes of cereal which of course exploded on the floor. spilling cereal everywhere. I swear i couldnt manage it again if i tried. I got a round of applause from my colleagues and the kids (i work in a school)

Last time I went swimming my legs felt really stiff after an hour and half, so I linked arms with my friend. As we past a 10 year boy he asked if we were gay, I answered yes and kissed my mates cheek.

these are funny but anyone who hasn’t the first clue would find it really insulting……haha i am forever getting words mixed up and brain fog especially at work usually during a meeting!

I get most of the way through a sentence and the last few words don’t come out right but most of my work mates don’t seem to notice, either I’m getting good at bluffing my way through it or their just being nice about about it I’m not sure which.

@Gingus…done that too many times to mention! @Gav and hugsmachine..classic, those made me grin!
I have wet myself in some soooooooo embarressing situations, and that just ain’t funny, is it!
I TRY not to trip up these days, cuz I know I never get up again!
Could be disaster, depending on where!!
I fell over in a crowded coffee shop in Rhodes on hols….floor was cobbled and me and metal chair just went whoooooah!
Some woman says “take more water with it”! I’d only had an iced coffee. You feel such a twit.


Haha, I LOVE this thread! All the comments had me giggling lots! My poor boyfriend has had hot coffee in his crotch (it honestly felt like he had taken it) and had to whip off his trousers, I hit the postman with a pen trying to sign for a parcel, I poured beer over the woman in front of me at a rugby match (she did NOT take it well!)… I should start doing things to people I don’t actually like and blame the MS haha. It’s not just me who gets the laughs. I haven’t been able to manage my boyfriend’s car door for a while, and his new hobby is to sit in the car and laugh at me in the rain before he opens it. My parents find it hilarious when I say ‘fingers crossed’ by responding with ‘yeah, well you could try’. Most of all, I have always been a really annoying grammar Nazi and my now melting brain forgets this – my friends love being able to point out my errors now and get me back!!

I couldn’t open the slide doors in black cab taxis for a while because I didn’t have the strength in my arm and I said this to a taxi driver once and he looked confused and came round the side and opened the door… It was just a normal car with a handle door. That was embarrassing. I am also forever loosing my balance and falling into people/walls/trees. Banged my head on a window sill last week because I lost my balance when I was getting a stone out my boot. It was sore but it must have looked hilarious to anyone watching.

I am so clumsy now, I’m forever dropping things. Also forgetting words or replacing a word with another that makes no sense to what I’m saying. Fortunately it makes for good comedy in my household, so it doesn’t faze me any more.

The worst thing to happen to me so far (although it’s now considered the funniest), was I fell off the toilet – whilst sitting! Lid down, sat down, felt like I was slipping, was slipping, couldn’t save myself (legs were totally dead), ended up breaking my toe. My boyfriend still can’t quite understand how I didn’t realise I was slipping til the last minute 😀

Black cabs! They are like Everest! Some have ENORMous steps, and I have said:
“I’m sorry, I can’t make that step, can you pull the step out?”
(some have this retractable step)
“Sorry then I’ll take the next one.”
And this usually when encumbered with a pull along case and bags!
Yeah I find the doors heavy on those too.

@eskimosie….that made me laff. Bet you had fun explaing that one down at A &E!!

i fell over and got a big black eye ,so i wore dark glasses into the bank because it looked soo bad.when i asked to transfer some money the bank clerk said the account was empty. so i whipped off my sunglasses and cried he’s taken all all my money and left me with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!very jeremy kile

@ Luna…that one made me howl! We MS-ers have such a twisted sense of humour. In the nicest possible sense, heh heh!

I am forever dropping stuff, or knocking stuff over. My boyfriend does “damage control” as he calls it, and tends to move things out of my way on a table as he can forsee the “accidents” as they happen.
I am suffering with a bit of foot drop the last while, and only affects me if I’ve been walking/ driving for a while. Usually I have my boyfriend or a friend with me to lean on if I need the steadiness, but I was in the shops the other day alone, and my foot was a bit fatigued so I was dragging it a bit. I then realised I was walking with my hands out like I was on a tightrope to steady myself- I’d say I looked ridiculous!!

Just dropped a bottle of Lavender Room Spray and ended up spraying it all over my face. Seemingly MS thinks my face is a room and/or it smells.

I love this thread – so many things applicable to me, I love to hear of other folk having as bad a time as me, not that I’m…here we go again, I, usually eloquent, can’t find the word…malevolent ill do for now – not finding words can be so frustrating and make one look ‘thick’ aaarrgh!
However, this is about funny things, so…
Before I was diagnosed, I reached to a high shelf to get the tea caddie down and WHACK! I twatted myself on the head with it. I was very very annoyed at the time, but now I look back with a wry smile.

I was chatting to my boyfriend the other night and said, ‘Aw, we have nothing good in for Christmas in the morning.’ I meant breakfast, and have no idea where Christmas came from!

Last week I went to pass a friend a cup of coffee. Misjudged the ?distance hand-cup? Ended up with half my hand (all four fingers) in her coffee, which then overspill everywhere. Real elegant. But hey, at least I didn’t tip it over!?!
Oh, and (same friend) I wee’d on her dining chair about a month ago. In both cases she hardly blinked. Guess life goes on!
(For the record, I cleaned the chair, and she still drank the (what was left) cup of coffee!)

This is a great feed – a communal laugh-in at our own misfortunes – beats crying.

In the returns queue at Primark – always the longest line in the world – had a spasm and flung my mobile quite far. The battery went one way, the rest of the phone another. Fortunately, the lady behind me was nice enough to not make me go all the way to the back of the queue once I had retrieved my phone parts. I now have a rubber case over it so it pretty much bounces whenever I do this, which is quite often.

Last week i had an appointment at the hospital to check bloods adn afterwards i went in the restaurant to meet my sister in law (A&E Nurse)for a coffee, hubby was in the queue adn i tried to attract his attention to let him know what i wanted and i too did the phone flinging thing….whoosh, straight through the queue and shattered everywhere, so @highheeledfagin it must only happen to the best of us 🙂

Just before my diagnose went through I went to visit my mom at my home town. It was summer and it was really hot. I was exhausted and feeling really down.
My mom decided it was a good idea to take me to the local Health care facility so they could check both my blood pressure and sugar levels.
As soon as I got there, asked to see a nurse and mentioned a possible MS diagnosis they rushed me in to their ER and left me there for about an hour (the air conditioning was a blessing). When the doc came to see me he went into a ‘slow motion’ rant bout it being normal for me to feel that way due to the MS and bla bla bla.
I cut him off mid rant and told him that I only had went in to have my sugar levels/blood pressure checked by a nurse, nothing else and that I would pass on the rant/idiot treatment as it was.
To the people around it was hilarious Im sure, as for myself I seriously considered asking for the complaint book cause MS doesnt mean Im retarded or addled in the brain (even through I sometimes am), people – specially docs – shouldnt assume that just because u have MS it means that u r. -.-‘

Bout the breaking of stuff, well lets just say that Ive been considering either getting a dishwasher or getting everything plastic. Hubby bough a kset of 40glasses not even 4months ago and we only have bout 5left. Used to get really upset whenever it happened but nowadays I just shrug it off.

A few days ago when I went in to get the final Extavia supplies I was holding a hair spring in my hand, saying that I had broke 2 and only had the one I was holding. Suddenly my hand stops working and it falls to the floor. I grabbed it but after about 3minutes it happened again then when I went to grab it again I had just got hold of it but my hand had other ideas and just let it fall to the floor again. Then hubby grabs it and tells me that by the way I was going I wanted to break that one too. lol

Great idea for a thread. Just had me in stitches. The saying “you can either laugh or cry” comes to mind. Thanks for sharing guys. Brought a smile (a rather hysterical one) to my face on a sunday night when got work tomorrow.

Omg! This is too funny!!!! Things make a bit more sense for me now!!! ; )

Having minor cognitive concerns at the moment and sometimes forget what I was talking about half way through a sentence. Of course, instead of just admitting this, I just keep waffling and basically stalling until I remember what I saying. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen but I just fully commit and keep going, trying not to laugh when people respond as though they have any clue what I am gabbing on about.

I play ping pong… with body… against my house walls and doors. I literally ran into a door the other night, because even though I SAW that it was closed, my brain for some reason said it was open.

Oh, that was painfully embarrassing.

I’ve also had doctors ask if I am ‘safe’ at home, because I always show up with bruises in the oddest place. Then I have to explain that while walking the day before, I turned to soon and jammed Part A into a Fire extinguisher box on the wall… then bounced away from it just to jam my other shoulder into a corner… and so on and so forth.

Needless to say my Primary Care guy finds me amusing, even if he thinks I should go around wrapped in bubble wrap.

lol ping pong with walls is about right. Before I knew what was ailing me, I would go to work and for some bizarre reason would walk to the right everytime and bang against the row of filing cabinets, my PA was convinced I was drunk. I had the worst bruises on my arm. I still loose balance and if I am out make a joke of it, and say like, next time I need to put more water in the whiskey lol.

I used to collect antigues and suddenly i was dropping them on the floor have no idea why, one minute in the hand next on the floor smashed.

Stairs oh yeh stairs, 5 times in 20 years badly i went down stairs broke ankle, top of foot and coxic. I think the A&E department thought i was a drunk lol. Have no idea why i fell, I know once i just forget i was on the last step and went flying.

Cooking oh no. Taking red hot baked potatoes out of the oven with my BARE HANDS not once but TWICE you would think i would have learnt the first time but no lol.

Speach and memory. I now talk in doo dahs, and thingymagiggas lol, and yet all my family understand me lol.

Dyslexia. Where did that come from? Everytime i type anything i have to read it over and over again and still miss words that make no sense. I mean where did that word come from it will just not make sense, it was one of the symptoms that freaked me out to be honest as i was a great typist not now.

MISSING things which are there. OK how many of you have lost something and look and look and just cant find it, only to find it in the first place you look. Its like your brain cant see it. Whats that all about.

Oh yeh the funniest. When i first got sick went shopping with my daughter she was pushing the trolley. Suddenly have no idea why i totally forgot how to walk i mean it, so weird had no idea what to do next and just went flying straight into the top of one of the large freezers, god I must have looked a sight lol. It was funny but painful at the same time. Whats all that about lol?

Another day bent down to pick up some sauce and just lost my balance totally grabbed hold of the sauce bottles fell backwards and blam landing on my bottom with 3 bottles of sauce flying all over the place crashing onto the floor, red sauce everywhere lol, twas quite funny NOT lol. They are slowly coming back to me now.

How we survive is beyond me lol.

Oh yeh i stopped driving because about 3 times i totally forgot where the car was parked lol the last time was on the verge of ringing the police and called my daughter first crying cant find my car anywhere, so she popped up quickly to the shops and found it about 3 cars from where i was stood lol. Whats that all about… So i thought heck if i cant see my own car i am not safe to drive so havent since it really spooked me.

I only joined here today, was feeling down but reading everyones mishaps has had me laughing, made me feel so much better 🙂

The other day I was walking my dog and congratulating myself for being out for 40 mins (we were used to going out for long 2 hour walks until last year)Shouldn’t have jinxed myself, right leg decided to drag on the floor, tripping over a stick, I landed flat on the floor. Looking to my left I saw a train slowly going past, with its passengers laughing at me. Oh the shame lol

Once I was going to catch the Eurostar an had to travel by train an tube! Typically I had so much brain fog I couldn’t see lolz.i got on the wrong side of the station platform, I knew where I wanted to go and and the passage was a few feet away but there was a huge barrier in front of me. I just didn’t know how to manouver this monstrosity. I can’t leap over it…..I was just so frustrated that I was so close to where I wanted to be an didn’t know how 2 get there. I found a lift, now this is simple u might think! Wrong…..there were only 2 buttons in this lift.I decide to press the platform, can’t understand y am not moving! A guy gets in the lift takes one look at me and says ‘perhaps if you press the footbridge button we might get somewhere’Have to laugh an cover up my confusion lolz

So, i was stood in a lift at college, got in pressed the button and the doors shut. but the lift didn’t go anywhere. so i start effing and blinding at it. it won’t move. its not going anywhere. i don’t understand. a couple of minutes after that, i start to panic. i’m trapped in here. how am i going to get out? how do i call for help? So, i start to look for how to get out only then to find out, i’d completely forgotten to tell the lift where i wanted to go and i’d been stood there for 12 minutes giving it abuse.

I also have a habit of writing perfect sentences… but with all the words in the wrong order. My friends are now all fluent in ‘speaking Effy’… *headdesk*

I also regularly sit on strangers on the bus because i’ve lost my balance or simply not noticed them clearly already sitting there. and one time when i tried to pick up a toy that a woman’s baby had carelessly thrown from its buggy but i spent so long trying to pick the damn thing up, the woman came back and had to help me help her… that was awkward…

I’m currently a wheelchair user, but a few years ago before I was diagnosed (but definitely had MS), I’d fallen and torn the ligaments in my leg. I was put on crutches and just went about things normally. One day I was on my lunch break from work and in town (it was packed as it was summer and gorgeous weather), when I was hobbling up the road when all of a sudden I lost my balance and went flying. It’s a nightmare if you fall when holding crutches as your arms are in them and you can’t get them out before hitting the ground. So there I was in the middle of a busy high street flat on my face with my leg all bandaged up and crutches still ‘attached’. It was scary at the time but I know it must have looked hilarious.

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