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worried about my relationship

i just think being diagnosed with MS that my relationship is falling apart . i dont know what to do anymore to save us . having MS changes alot including my mood and the relationship i had . 🙁 . latley i just feel so deppressed .

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1 year ago

@gemmalucy23 , having MS can seem a big burden to carry around, although once you get it all in perspective, it’s just one of life’s “curve-balls”.

But, as you’ve experienced, MS may be your condition, but it can adversely affect anyone close to you. MS puts pressure on a relationship and can make any relationship weaknesses seem worse.

Your mood is obviously important to your relationship. You’re still relatively new to this “MS game”, so you’re probably still coming to terms with it yourself. Go and have a chat with your GP. You need a bit of help to “lighten the load”. Yes, I’m talking anti-depressants, but this isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s just to take the edge off things.

Hope this helps.

1 year ago

Hey @gemmalucy23

Firstly welcome to this site – people are really friendly and you can ask loads of questions and get honest answers from people who have been there. Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and the impact it has had on your relationship.

It’s hard for those around us to come to terms with too, the unpredictable of what’s round the corner becomes real. I also think that having MS changes you, but you know maybe not necessarily for the worst. Before I was diagnosed I had all sorts of problems in my relationship that I didn’t really understand or feel in control of at the time all I can remember is getting shouted at all the time. My husband could see and I guess feel the changes I was going through. So when I was diagnosed it was an answer and a starting point to start talking again and being honest about how we feel. So I guess I am saying give things some time and start talking again and bee open and honest with each other about what’s going on in your heads and you guys will find your way through things together.

I don’t take any medication for moods or anything, I know a lot of people do and they find they help. For me I find just taking time to myself and get outside helps or having a bottle of wine with a really good friend and just having a laugh about everything and getting it all out there is the best medicine for me.

Take Care
Avril x

1 year ago

If out else your very sexy and if this guy leaves you he wasn’t the right one for you in the first place. Don’t let the ms ruin your life. Talk to your doctor about the depression and if the partner leaves you there is plenty more people out there.

1 year ago

Help with your depression will probably help with your relationship, we all worry about our relationships. My husband is handling everything pretty good now but I worry about the future. He gets frustrated with me when I can’t remember things and gives me a hard time about it and this scares me. My cognitive skills aren’t going to get better, I don’t know how he is going to handle it. When my aunt was diagnosed at 28 her husband left her within a year. He told her that he didn’t sign up for this. My husband and I have been together for 44 years, he wouldn’t leave me but he might make life miserable if he can’t get a grip on how the disease affects me. Potter

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