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Work worries

Hope you are well…..I’ve been dipping my toe in and out of the forum reading all your news but keeping quiet myself for a while….until now!!! Ha ha!
I started a new job in February and I’m really enjoying it. The hours are perfect they all seem really nice. It’s taken me 2 years to find a job that fits in with the kids and give us the much needed money.
I’ve had a few stresses outside of work the past few weeks and I know MS doesn’t like stress. I’m pretty much symptom free and my most recent mri showed no activity. The past few days I’ve been feeling strange nerve like feelings in my arms and legs. Intermittent sensations. I havn’t told my boss about my MS but I feel like it’s a black cloud over my head. I’m worried that if I have a relapse I’ll have to not only call in sick but explain my condition and feel dishonest. My boss seems really nice and I feel I could trust him. I dont have a probationary period as they said they dont believe in it. I am basically seeing if anyone has been in this situation?? I’m due to start Plegridy in a few months .

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1 year ago

I suggest waiting to tell your new boss and let yourself shine first since you are new. What benefit do you get if you tell him now? Maybe you will continue to be symptom free for a long time and MS will be a non-issue for you at work.

Best of luck on whatever approach you take.


1 year ago

@shopaholic84 , you are not under any legal obligation to disclose your MS. So, let that black cloud drift away somewhere else.

And, while that black cloud is drifting away, let it take your stress with it.

When nerve-y things start happening, it’s your body telling you that it’s not happy with something you’re doing. So, chill out and enjoy the opportunities that this new job is giving you. 😉

1 year ago

Your doing to much and your body is letting you know. Have the kids help clean the house, chores are good for them. Get your husband to make or pick up dinner on the way home. Try not to stress about the little things. Potter

1 year ago

I guess you are right. I will wait a bit longer before I say anything. I think any feeling sends me into panic mode.
Thanks for the support and advice. Potter I’m trying with the kids but my 3 and 7 year olds ears never seem to listen when it comes to tidying up!!! 😂

1 year ago

hi from my experience its better not to disclose before you have too , i have worked for 2 firms since i had M.S. , first was a small company 30 employees , in my ignorance i disclosed , big mistake, although i had been there 4 years they put more andmore demands on me they knew i couldnt do and documented everything then managed me out of company ,eventually told resign this week and get 3 months pay and reference or get sacked next week 1 months pay no reference , i needed a reference so resigned although new it was illegal what they were doing.
next company very different large company , didnt disclose until i had worked there for year , completely different , couldnt be more helpful ,special hours, special seat, special keyboard work in a call centre been there 4 years due to retire this year. I personally wouldnt disclose.

yours martin

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