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Work Stress!!!!!

Right I have reduced my working week by 20%, work 2 days at home and am only in the office two days a week (sweet deal I know) but I have just come in this morning and everyone is arguing! I hate all the tension, bits of my hands go numb when I feel stressed. I really look forward to my days in the office as I love seeing everyone and enjoy the banter, cause being stuck at home on your own is lonely. I know there are changes and it is crap just now and I am the same and have over 600 actions I need to deal with but hey – it really doesn’t matter we need to just get on with it.

But how do you all cope when everyone around you is stressed? It is so hard not to listen, tensions are so high and now we have to go to a union meeting and you just know things are going to get heated – just hope I can feel my hands by the end I’ve got work to do lol

Avril xx

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1 year ago

I bet on horse racing. If people are going to stress me out I might as well have a chance of winning some money out of it.

1 year ago

@avrilt Im in a similar position – I am hoping to reduce the number of days that I have to go into work too and am considering reducing my days by 20% too. Its hard to switch off from the stress at work but Im sure there are things that can be done. Ive just downloaded the Headspace app £30 a year if you become a member at Anxiety Uk. Worth a try I suppose!

1 year ago

Hey @daniel2025 interesting – not sure where you start with that. A few guys at work gamble and are usually very successful though.

Hello @molineux1047 I will have a look at that. It is definitely worth doing and money wise you are not that worse off.

But it it just getting worse! My boss was in tears – it’s wrong but as he is a bloke no one really knew what to do!

This place! It’s just stuff that doesn’t matter – so not interested!

1 year ago

@avrilt – I reckon you’ll deal ok with it, vent, breath, don’t worry bout it, I’m sure u got better things to think bout? Failing that, sing.. I hear Take That are good lol

1 year ago

@finn15 Thanks for the advice. But I will be giving TT a miss I have enough stress! Lol

1 year ago

When things are blowing up at work start humming a soothing tune to yourself will give your mind something else to focus on. I understand that chewing gum can do the same thing. Can you wear head phones and listen to music, if not take some ear plugs. Try not to get involved with the fight, I don’t belong to Facebook because all of my sisters are on it and fight and hurt each others feelings all of the time on Facebook. I don’t need the stress. Potter

1 year ago

I eat chocolate….. The higher the percentage – the better then turn on the radio, music, or talk and lose myself in that. Can you use earphones in the office? Concentrate on breathing: count 4 in and 5 out. Xx

1 year ago

Thanks @potter I have been in trouble for earphones before so best not try that again. But I see no reason why I can hum away to myself. You are so righ FB is the route of all evil! I deactivated my profile after I got diagnosed, I just don’t have the time nor the patience for the drama.

@merfield good suggestion! I love dark chocolate, I recently started buying 100% coco. It’s a new one in Sainsburys Mazumum? Or something – very nice though!

Avril x

1 year ago

Hey @avrilt work sounds like a mare, I totally get what u mean about the stress when folk around u are arguing but mine is usually worse at home. Also I get what u mean by the isolation when u work from home it can be hard to stay connected. I would speak to ur boss about the impacts of the background noise! ask if there are any breakout or quiet areas u can go to work in to get a break from it or revisit the headphone conversation, I find I just can’t concentrate all the time so that is when I plug in or go to a meeting pod to work for a bit… I just do this under the cognitive card. Hope this helps but pm me if u want to catch up and chat further let me know.

1 year ago

Hey @ferryms Hope you are well? Are you still getting the throat feeling?

That is not good you get this at home, hope things are ok. It is just cause of the review that has gone on, every little change people get really worked up. The latest is the headsets for the phones, so currently we are refusing to wear them so not logged into the phone and grieavance has been raised through the union. In my opinion I don’t care!!!!!! Maybe cause I am only there two days, but I think more because why does it matter?! If I am honest I wouldn’t mind one, sometimes my hands are not great – but they actully go a bit numb with all the bickering in the office. All the upset is getting to my boss as well, he was in tears the other day as he is not struggling to pay his mortgage, so I know he is under hige pressure and well just about to break. There isn’t really any quiet areas to go to, there is a serious lack of office space. I could just use the headphones – he may not even notice lol I wasn’t allowed because if there was a fire I wouldn’t hear the alarm. Total joke there isn’t any Fire detection anyway – so I pointed this out – we are not getting fire detection systems fitted. So I am not very popular for this lol

Yeah think I will drop you a wee message and maybe we can arrange a catch up.

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