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Work and ms

Hi this is just a question for anyone
I work currently and have reduced my hours to 34.5 per week but am struggling a little with fatigue
Do people work and if not why did you give up ?
I’m not sure I could afford to drop anymore hours


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1 year ago

@lillibet23 , it’s a difficult balance when finances dictate.

It’s a case of working to live, rather than living to work………..

1 year ago

I know stumbler it’s an odd one as I don’t think I’d get any benefits and my other half is self employed so his wages not guaranteed 🤔

1 year ago

Like I say, @lillibet23 , it’s a difficult balance.

You need to work to pay the bills, but this might adversely affect your ability to work. It can be a vicious circle that can leave you in a worse physical and financial shape!

Get yourself an appointment with the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB). They know all there is to know about benefits.

1 year ago

When I was diagnosed 20 odd years ago, I was working as a carer in a nursing home. I was wall walking in the 2 nd half of my shift because I was so tired. The consultant banned me working at all, especially in a caring role as my balance was so bad, should have said that it was night shifts I was doing, then coming home to get the children up for school, as well as several cleaning jobs all at the same time! I miss nursing, the caring for people, but I know that I’m not safe to do it anymore. Your health is more important than money. Good luck.

1 year ago

I’m working full time and although I can just about get through work (with odd days working from home), I can’t do anything else because of fatigue. I don’t know what the answer is. I’ve already had a nap this evening and now I need to go back to bed again.

1 year ago

Yeah it’s difficult to gauge what’s best it’s interesting to hear people own experiences I’ve just spent last 2 days doing very little in preparation for tonight start of 3 night shifts may be a case of cutting down further will see how it goes

1 year ago

Hi Liz,

Just my two cents oops! Pence!
I went along working in the slave industry(Hotel)
For 5 years while on Avonex pulling 50 hours a week, I would get home shattered and feeling like I had been run over, sleep most of the morning only to restart at 2pm.
That was untill the powers that be decided they would get rid of me after 26yrs.
They couldn’t use my ms as the excuse_BUT!
Anyway I had to take them to the employment court for compensation,which I got!
But now I am afraid Have to put up with a measly $200nz (100 pound) benefit and I am single(59)
So no better half to help! The biggest thing is frustration and boredom!
If you do have a fair boss great,just take lesser hours,but if possible stay as long as you can if only for sanity.

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