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Work abroad

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I came on here to 1. rant and 2. get advice.

I was diagnosed last year with MS after a bout of numbness from my chest down. Once this went away after a month or two I I haven’t experienced any symptoms other than fatigue and restless legs. I’m doing pretty well and i’m very grateful for that.

It has always been a dream of mine to work in Canada after graduation with my boyfriend. I am currently on my work placement year in but will graduate summer 2019 in the UK. I have recently researched whether or not my MS will affect me getting a work visa. I have heard that I will only be allowed to bring 90 days worth of medication (tecfidera) with me to Canada if I do manage to get a work visa. And tecfidera has an annual cost of $25K whereas the allowance for foreign workers is around $6K- or this is what I gathered from the message boards.
Surely there must be a way around this for just one year abroad??? I am absolutely heartbroken and feel like until now, I have been able to deal with every hurdle MS has given me but this is just too much to accept. I have moved from Ireland to London this year with no qualms and have no doubt I would be as good a worker as anyone else in Canada. The question is just about whether or not I’ll be medicated there…

Any advice or experiences welcome! Let me know 🙂

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1 year ago

Hi @sofyg and welcome back.

I’m not sure whether the MS Society Helpline (0808 800 8000) would be able to help.

Or, you might see if the MS Society of Canada ( may have some answers. Or even the High Commission of Canada (

1 year ago

Hello @sofyg. As a fellow Teccie I guess you also need to think about how you would access the three-monthly check ups. Is it entirely beyond the realms of
possibility that you could think of flying back don Canada every three months? Expensive I know, but nowhere near the cost of financing medication yourself for a year. Just a thought…..x

1 year ago

There is a way around it. You can get your medication in the UK if you can come back every 90 days. That will almost certainly be cheaper than paying for tecfidera. You can also get the bloods done in Canada, and get a relative or friend in the UK receive the Alcura deliveries and to forward on the tecfidera to you.

1 year ago

Hi @stumbler , thank you for those suggestions! I will definitely try those avenues.

Hi @vixen , well, currently as I live in England and my consultant is in Ireland I have my bloods done here and simply email the results to my MS nurse so he can release my script to alcura. So @sciencegeek ,your idea of getting my bloods done in Canada would be ideal! I did post this idea in response to the “90 day supply” answer I got on an online forum but was told “no. you can’t post medication, you can only bring a 90 day supply into Canada”… which doesn’t make much sense to me. It’s only for a year I don’t see why 3 postal deliveries would be an issue?

Thank you all for your help! I feel more positive now. I think I need to contact the embassy/emigration agency direct for some solid answers…

1 year ago

Loads of our friends live in Canada, I’m sure they will have good info

1 year ago

My friend with ms on meds has gone to Australia for I year with work. She has to come back to the uk every 3 months for her medication. I think she is on copaxone ) or however spelt ) x

1 year ago

@geordie57 that’s really encouraging! Thanks

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