boodle06 04/01/13
Last reply 5 years ago
Wobbly day.

I’m feeling really rubbish today mentally & physically. My speech is up & down, my arms have got the shakes & a bit of pain in legs. I just think how am I gonna cope with this shite for the rest of my life to put it bluntly. Oh & my eyes have had the darks dots and shadows again when looking at bright things. I’d rather have just been diagnosed after the 1st attack I had over a year ago. It really pisses me off how I can’t have a diagnosis with all this going on cause it’s not normal is it! Oh & the tinnitus I’ve had constantly for 8 months is roaring away I can hear it even over the tv. Sorry I just needed to let that all out.

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5 years ago

@boodle06, it’s Friday. Have you done a full week at work? If so, then go a bit easy on yourself. Working takes it out of you, so hopefully, you’ve got a couple of days off now to recharge the batteries, ready for next week’s challenges.

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