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Who's got my big toe!

Hello, was just wondering if anyone had this kind of thing, last night i woke suddenly and it felt as though my nail on my big toe had been ripped off, thought i had caught it on the duvet and had a leg jerk, but nothing, just real bad pain, seems OK this morning, not had this kind of thing happen before, usually the crawling in legs and dull aches but not “arrghh” pain and sensation. Is this common with other Msers? And now cos i have had bad night feel like crap grr lol

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6 years ago

I haven’t had this sensation before…but I get some weird pains during sleep (and during being awake as well for that matter) all the time.

Hope you and your toe feel better! If nothing else I would definitely mention it to your nurse.

6 years ago

Thanks hehe, seems alright now. But will mention it to my nurse 🙂
Sleeping is definitely not as easy as it used to be, difficult getting to sleep, waking up more and then needing more of it

6 years ago

It is very easy to attribute anything and everything to ms, but here is the thing, it most likely was.
The brain is not called the central nervous system for nothing, it controls every aspect of every part of the body’s system in both a motor and sensory role. So if part of the brain that is damaged by the ms tells us that there is pain happening somewhere in our body then that is what we end up perceiving. Likewise, if the brain says a motor function is down, that’s when we start to lose more physical control at times.
Sounds awful I know but the upside is that the brain also controls things like happiness and well being and we can can be affected by this too! it’s not easy to stay positive about things when they kick off like this but it’s good I think to keep thinking positive whenever possible. 🙂

6 years ago

Hi again Macready

Re your sleep problem……Just a thought but have you tried Baclofen,it is a harmless drug, relaxes your legs and definitly helps you sleep, I used to lie awake for hours before I took this, perhaps ask your Doc, see what he sais

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