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Whole body pain and spasms

Hi msers

This is my first time here but I’m at my wits end at the moment. I was diagnosed with Ms in 2007 and have rrms. Last year I had a bad relapse causing optical neuritis I’m my right eye. I have most of my vision back now but it comes and goes throughout the day. Over the last 6 months I’ve been struggling with muscle stiffness and pain. Over the last 2 months it’s caused random twitches and ticks, worst off all is at night when I’m laying in bed and my whole body spasms needless to say I don’t get much sleep. My question is does anyone have any suggestions for medication or alternatives that may help. I do pilates and stretch most nights but having a 3 and 5 year old I need a bit more sleep then I’m getting.

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1 year ago

I take medical cannabis high in CBD for pain and spasms and now can sleep at night.

1 year ago

forgot to add I do taichi which I find really helps with pain helps me relax.

1 year ago

Hi @emma_louise_adley . A three and a five year old are a a handful anyway, before you factor in the MS!

Anyway, the suggestion above seems to provide relief, although availability may be a problem.

Magnesium supplements have been suggested by members. As has Quinine, as supplied in Tonic Water. I’ll leave it to you whether you add Gin to enhance the taste!

Otherwise, consult your medical team and see whether Baclofen, a muscle relaxant is offered.

Thanks Sue unfortunately I live in Australia and it is legalised yet so I’m stuck.

Thanks @stumbler I’m going back to neurologist on Tuesday so I’m going guns blazing this time as he took me off meds in July to change and hasnt given me the replacement yet. I’ve been looking into it and I might be able to get cbd but it depends as it has only just been legalised under strict restrictions.

1 year ago

I have Mirapex at night and gabapentin for spasticity 2 at night and 1 pill 3 times per day. It’s not perfect but it belps.

Thanks avenger13 all the help I can get at the moment is great

1 year ago

Baclofen helps with spasticity.

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