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Where to look for employment with MS

Hi everyone.

I’m wondering is there a good way for someone suffering from MS to get in to working life. I feel that my condition is stable at the moment and that I could do work. I would prefer an office position, but would be willing to try other fields as well.

The problem is that most people are really scared to hire me because of the medical condition and also because I don’t have any recent experience. Could anyone suggest some way to move on from this position or just some people / trust / similar who could aid me in the proces?

The getting better part is working in weird ways for me at the moment. I don’t either know wich benefits I would be entitled to. I’m too healthy for most, but still too sick for people to hire me.

Thanks for your reply

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i live in north yorkshire and i dont know how old you are….. but i know that this county does have opportunities for apprenticeships – in admin/accounts/hr etc., i know the wages do start off quite poor, however, there has been a yearly contract available at the end of the apprenticeship year…
look on your county’s web page and see if there are any links. you’re covered under the da so everything is fair on interview.
good luck – i know there are hard times out there

Your profile (?) has very little info on. Don’t know your age, location or anything. In UK there is DLA and also disabled working allowance. Have you had an actual diagnosis from a MS specialist? Get them to write a letter to say that you have MS and how it affects you.
The downside is……you DO have to disclose health details to prospective employers. So they may just think “shall we have this guy…who may fall ill next week…or the 16 yr old who costs half as much.”?
I have qualifications coming out my ears, but no one will employ me for the above reasons. Its NOT your bad. Its the short sighted employers in this country. sorry, rant over

Sorry about the profile, I’ll fix that soon. My MS has been diagnosed be a doctor at the university hospital in Norfolk and I’m receiving a good medication for the condition at the moment. I’m just getting really frustrated because I have an university degree education, but no one seems to notice that and I have understood that the only way to get employed is to be employed in one of these positions that require some physical work first.
I have been blaming my name for this so far. I’m originally from abroad, which I have assumed to be something that most people could find to be a sign of a person who isn’t reliable and something similar.
To give some information about myself, I’m 26, male, university degree education in IT, diagnosed with MS around 2002, medication is Tysabri infusion just once a month.

Reading this I am shocked. I know that here (Ireland) you do not have to disclose that kind of information until after you’re hired.

I don’t think you have to declare it in England either exactly but it is something that they may be allowed to ask if they have a disability quota. I was worried about how much I would have to reveal and was told that the disability discrimination act means that they’re not even supposed to ask for details, just whether you consider yourself to have a disability and if it would affect your ability to do the tasks involved in the job.

You really don’t need to declare your MS until after you have been hired and even then, only if you want to. IT covers quite a wide range of positions. Many of them not physical. I’m an SQL server DBA. The most physical I get is when I get up to go make some Tea! Before that I was an Oracle Developer – again no heavy lifting there! What sort of role are you aiming for maybe its worth widening your net?

I have been trying to use as wide net as possible. I feel that one of the big reasons why I don’t get that many calls back is most likely the situation at the job market at the moment and that I didn’t have any stable jobs before the condition started acting up.
I have an interview coming and I really hope that it would work. It is however for an unpaid position, so I’ll have to deal with that.

You are right. It is hard at the moment, especially if you haven’t got previous experience. I see you were treated at the N&N. If it is Norwich you are looking for work in I can always keep my ears open for you.

Good luck either way.

That would be just great. Thank you Sarah.

What was your degree in @daedana?

am sorry….i blame the MS for my inability to efficiently skim read! What IT skills do you have – I’m a Web Developer (aka a geek) and can still type from my wheelchair and don’t seem to have any major cognitive problems (apart from the one I’ve already demonstrated!)

My original degree was in IT and telecommunication from Oulu institute of applied sciences. I have been working on a masters degree in statistics at the university of east anglia now, but I think that I might rather follow on the path laid out by IT.
I’m really hoping for a chance to show my actual skills soon. I know that I have a good base on these things, but the problem is that I don’t have any work experience.

When I first lost my job through being made redundant, it was the same time as finding out I’ve got MS, so was convinced that my inability to get a job was down to the MS and not my lack of relevant skills! It took building a website for a friend that forced me to do things for my self and up my skills – a job soon followed.

Not sure what the equivalent is for you, but am sure there’s something you can do that makes your CV stand out 🙂


Everyone looking for a job needs to talk to the “Disability Employment Advisor” at their local job centre. I did. They are very good and they will tell you what the laws is.

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