4 years ago
where are you all?

Hi I live in Perthshire and I’m trying to get mums/dads with kids under 5 that would be interested in meeting up once a month.
It’s at a place called Noah’s which is a playbarn for kids from 0-12years. We meet on the first Monday of the month from 10.30-12.30 and it’s FREE!!!
Any takers?

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Hi, @tiggywinkle, is this for parents, who have MS? I’m just confused as to where the MS Support side of things come in….:)

Sorry! It’s for parents who have MS. It’s nice to meet other parents who walk like their toddlers!

@tiggywinkle, no need to apologise. But the clarification does help.
I should imagine that new parents and parents of toddlers would find this kind of social gathering as very therapeutic.
Let’s see whether there are any new parents in the area, who respond. 🙂

thanks. I hope I get some!

I’ve been having a hard enough time finding Scottish people, so good luck! 😛

@tiggywinkle, Heather you’re more than welcome to our bit of cyber-space, where we all understand each other and help each other along.
There’ll be some interested in how you got prescribed Sativex. It seems it’s a useful treatment, but it’s not prescribed much! 🙂

Mmmmmm sativex! Took a year to get it prescribed. And 3 admissions to hospital where I was kept in for about 6wks each time! I’m glad 2012 is over

tiggywinkle, your second comment made I laff !!!

Ooooooohhhh! Hahahaha

Hi again!
Anyone out there who is interested PLEASE come along.


There’s not many scots on here. I’m in Edinburgh myself but I don’t have any kids. Good luck finding people and welcome to shift xxx

Hi I’m new to this site, I live in Manitoba, Canada. Great site


Edinburgh 🙂


https://shift.ms/groups/scottish-msers/ Some of you are already here but just in case! JOIN US!

https://shift.ms/groups/parents-with-ms/ may also be a useful group for you. I’m nowhere near where you are but do have two little ones 🙂

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