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19, officially, but they did lose my results and forget about me for a year, so 18 really.


7 March 2007, Tokyo, Japan

34 years old, April 2012

Maybe @jupiterjumper might be able to help you. I can’t, I was 18 when diagnosed. x

32 years old, June 2012, Dublin ,Ireland

1998 19yo. first symptom when i was 16yo was put down to a lump in my back hip causing the pins and needles in leg. Funny MS wasn’t that well known back then. Amazing now most people have heard of MS or knows somebody that has it.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing/ remitting MS on 14th Feb 2004 when I was 50. Spookily my mum told me I was conceived on Valentine’s day. They retrospectively realised the first episode was in 1978 when I was 24. MRI scans mean it no longer takes 26 years for a diagnosis!

October 2007, I was a sprightly 23 years old, not much has changed 😉

March 2012, I was 23 as well

confirmed as ms oct 2012 47 years old – unlike meg I didnt have any previous episodes

I was diagnosed in Oct, 2010- on my big brother’s birthday!
At the grand old age of 27, in Dublin, Ireland.

It was last October 2012 I was 33

I was diagnosed Feb 2011, and I was 23

dxed in 2007, i was 12

june 2011 i was 24

January 2008 at the age of 43

january 2012 age 23

November 2011- the day before thanksgiving
33 years old

13th December 2012 I was (and am) 29 years old.

I was Diagnosed in November 2008.

Prior to then I had three(ish) years of relapses/symptoms that at that time felt unrelated… not just to me but to the G.P’s I saw too…. A Bells palsy, numbness in my left arm accompanied with crippling anxiety, continence issues (you gotta go when you gotta go!), something that seemed like sciatica, fatigue (although my ex felt it was laziness and the GP felt depression)

the clincher was a blind spot that appeared just left of centre in my left eye… I knew i was getting older and felt that i needed glasses so off to the opticians i went…. who couldn’t solve it with glasses and asked for a referral for me to see an opthamologist who did a series of tests over about three months, the results of which varied so much that they asked for a CT scan for me…. At this point they were telling me that they wanted to see if it was something muscular at the back of my eyes… (Cough… b*llshizz..) the results of the CT scan came back with an “abnormality in keeping with demyelination”…. and suggested and urgent MRI was needed along with a follow up with a neurologist.

Although happy that they had found a brain… (something friends felt would never be likely)… I just read… “abnormality”… and of course… diagnosed myself with brain tumours and a host of other horrid ailments.

the nurse in the opthamology department walked me to the door… and could see i was choked and she got the report out and pointed out “demyelination” and suggested i searched the internet.

So… thanks to that lovely and kind nurse… even prior to my MRI and then the Neuro appt i had an inkling that we were looking at MS.

At this point i still didn’t relate all the other issues i’d had in the three years running up to this… I sat down with the neurologist who had my MRI scans up and he spent time asking me about my history… and had i had issues with A, B, C and so on…. I was amazed… that all the other issues i had could be connected…

the neurologist sat there nodding… and gave me the diagnosis.

bizarrely… In a way I was pretty made up at the time that all the other issues I’d had were all actually real and connected and having the diagnosis although it blew my mind… was a great comfort…

July 2007, I was 27 and had been having random (and ignored!) symptoms for about a year.

January 2012 – I had just turned 32

Dx 26 yrs ago, but at the time not much research available then!! However, I was told eventually that I did have it from childhood by my Neurologist who was based at the time at Paddington (1987). I remember collapsing at 15 years old running a relay race at school!!Legs just went from underneath me and I was winning too!! lol Also had Bell’s Palsy at 18 yrs old

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with a single episode in June 2008 and officially diagnosed with MS in May 2010, I’m 29 right now 🙂

I was 21, tho I suspect I had some symptoms when I was 16 or so…

May 2012 age 32

Err 31 sorry

10 days ago! Aged 23

39 years old, One month ago. Was hoping to be told just a pinched nerve at the ER , boy what a surprise this was.

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