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Wheelchair + rain = wet. What do you do?

This afternoon, it’s raining where I live. I’ve recently transitioned to a wheelchair pretty much full time when I’m out of my house, and since I need at least one free hand to hold an umbrella and two hands to wheel, I wasn’t prepared to protect myself from the rain when I went back to work after lunch. As a consequence, I got really wet! How do you keep yourself dry when it’s raining and you have to be out and about with your chair? Poncho? Special umbrella? Inquiring minds want to know!

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3 years ago

@yhenn , I tend to leave my wheels at home and use my two sticks for short distances.

So, I have a similar situation when it’s raining – I just get wet! It’s only water.

But, I’m sure there are answers, similar to what a canoeist uses to stop water coming in their canoe! 😉

3 years ago

I wanted to know same because I am travelling in the winter. I found you can get ponchos which cover you and chair. Also if you use a gofer there is one that covers that. Do a search on google you will find something.

3 years ago

@reddine has some waterproof trousers which save a lot of hassle as holding an umbrella and steering a powerchair isn’t really practical.

Camping store or hardwear/health and safety dept for the waterproofs.

RD also has 2 sticks

3 years ago

I used to be a motorcyclist so I am used to being wet but I have baught a pair of rousers from mountain warehouse that are showerproof they seem to help

3 years ago

Yes I realised this pretty damn quick. As I have to assemble mine, I invested in waterproof trousers (not cool but beats a wet bum) from ourdoor/camping shop. Also bought a poncho affair online but have’nt used it much. to be honest if the weathers THAT bad, I’m stopping in.

If you are self propelling – leather or biking gloves (Halfords)
Woolly hat! Call me a wuss but want to keep ears warm and hair dry!
Boots! Chilly sitting in a chair and splashes can soak your feet..

Not forgetting MAINTENANCE…after I come in I clean the chair, motor and wheels. Result: a ton of crud on the kitchen floor, but look after your machine or bad things happen.
For this, when I go away, the bag has latex gloves (its a messy job and the wheels go thru YUK stuff) and dettol wipes. The seat covers come off and can be dried on the radiators.

Umbrella is pretty much a no-go when your in a wheelie. Its one more thing to juggle when you are busy just getting there.

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