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What would you do? Move overseas?

Hi All,

I am currently diagnosed CIS, and a long frustrating journey to get a second opinion from the NHS where I have seemed to have fallen through the cracks (PALS are helping).

Anyway… I currently live in Manchester, I moved here alone about 5 years ago and have built up a good support system. In January and just before by CIS episode, I had got to a second interview stage with a company in Abu Dhabi for a job. It was all going very well, and I was looking forward to the new chapter as struggle with where I am in my life currently. Sadly with the attack and uncertainty with what was happening to me I had to pull out of the recruitment process.

Now I have almost recovered from the attack albeit with some minor ongoing symptoms I have seen the job re posted and another job I have waited years for. I am struggling with the reality of what this diagnosis means for me and my life and my limitations or whether it just an extra challenge I have to bare but still carry on with life and life plans.

My main concern about moving to the ME is having no support system, a harsh HR system, and new medical structures whether they may not know anything about MS.

Interested to hear thoughts and perspectives on this from some long timers,

Thank you,


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1 year ago


I am blunt so please bear with me… No, No, No & NO!!!

You have lived in Manchester for 5 years & built a good support system. You are thinking of moving 1,000’s of miles away where you know nobody. It is difficult to make new friends when we get older; mostly because they already have all the friends they need.

The company hired then re posted a job opportunity. Either their screening process is flawed – or the job is not as advertised. My gut feeling leans toward the 2nd part.

Your life, your decision. But my Spidey senses are tingling while reading your post…

1 year ago

Hi. I might be able to assist as work in the NHS for many years. Please accept my request and I will DM you.

1 year ago

Hi there @caseyxo. First of all, what is the nature of your work? If your health is stable, and you are open to changing plans further down the line shou,d the need arise, then now seems as good a time as any to follow your dreams. However, your priority in doing so should be to consider access to medicines, top quality health care etc. I will be honest, I had experience a few years ago with my daughter being caught up in a terrorist attack outside of Europe. Now, this is nothing to do with MS or CIS, but it brought home the reality of being European and outside of Europe in the Middle East when disaster strikes; when push comes to shove, you are basically on your own.

So, have tried to give an impartial two sides of the coin; if it were me, Iā€™d probably go BUT with mega research, a fail-safe contingency plan and only with having consulted what current foreign office advice is. Be mindful though of keeping this is proportion; for example, current UAE advice is based around the impact of the recent allied strikes and things can change and escalate rapidly.

Will be interesting to get an update on your decision! All the best šŸ™‚

1 year ago

Thank you all for your thoughts.
@houdini I have accepted your friend request.

@vixen I work in Marketing for a big hotel chain so would remain in the tourism industry but desk job 9-5. Sorry to hear about being caught up in the terrorist attack!

Lots to think about for sure, we only get one life even if that life does include MS but I dont want to make things harder on myself than they need to be.

Thanks all

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