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What to eat

Niave question.. lots of people are eluding to lifestyle choices.. is there definate foods that we should be avoiding or definately taking?
Also lots of chat about certain vits…. to a newbie.. little bit confusing lol… am taking vit d…

Thanks lovely people… opinions owuld be welcome.. have always struggled with me weight.. food is such a comfort lol !

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6 years ago

Here’s a little blog piece I wrote based on research that was published in the medical journal The Lancet……

Let me know what you think 🙂

6 years ago

Well in general, a healthy diet is gonna be better for you than a crappy one. affects weight, heart, blood pressure, liver, kidneys, skin hair and well u get the picture!
MS means a naff immune system so vitamins = GOOD. Found not only in tablets but in fresh veg and fruit…….there are loads of sites to check out.

6 years ago

Hey Softscarlet,

We follow a vegan based diet with the addition of salmon once weekly for the omega oils. I can’t begin to explain the benefits health wise – for Paul, his MS symptoms are currently at bay, he has also lost his excess weight, and now ‘feels healthier than before being diagnosed with MS’. My brother and I follow the same diet as him – to support him, and it makes life easier for me in terms of cooking.

We have noticed the difference too! We have all reached our goal weights as recommended by the docs. My brother and Paul didn’t have much to lose, but I lost nearly 40kg’s!! So the diet definitely works in terms of weight loss.

Scariest thing is; I eat more now than I used to before! And TONS of carbs!!

6 years ago

I dont want to upset Natalie and some other of our MS family. I worry about a vegan diet as i know a doctor that treated his body as a temple. Vegan 100%. He was fell running when we heard a loud crack. His femur just broke in half.He had severe osteoporosis. I admire any bodys views in being Vegan, however i look at my son(Vegan)and i worry. Even being a pescatarian(not sure about the spelling)i think is better.

6 years ago

Like you food is a comfort thing for me! But after much research I have cut out gluten, red meat, I eat organic, lots of vitamin d, b12 (found in brown rice). I also cut down on the amount of dairy, and cut out beans and peas. It is strict, but I fully believe in it! I work on an 80/20 rule, so if I’m being good 80% of the time, the other 20% I can treat myself, or get whatever I want if eating out etc. makes it more manageable and I have stuck to it long term 🙂

6 years ago

Hey Indigojane,

I value your point, and it’s definitely something worth considering. Paul and I are pretty careful about making sure to get our Vitamin & Iron levels checked (to make sure they’re all at a normal level). Interestingly enough, I was amnemic for close to 10 years…I was told to take iron supplements, and ‘eat more red meat’ – however, try as I might, I could never reach a normal level.

Now, after being on a Vegan diet for some months, my Iron levels are normal, and have remained so. Funny, because I was told to eat more meat?

The way I see it, for every ‘horror’ story I read about Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Food diets, I can read 10/20/30 more horror stories about people dying from Obesity, Type II Diabetes, Heart Attacks caused from High Cholesterol…etc etc…all of which are worsened by high-fat/processed food diets.

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