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What NEW symptoms need to be reported ri

They say as you experience new systems they need to be reported at your next checkup but what “new” symptoms should be reported say “now” instead of say two weeks from now which is my next neurologist apt? I’m still in the “we’re pretty sure you have it but not sure we are ready to give a actual diagnosis “ stage.

I’m so frustrated as the symptoms just keep comming. The constant pain, and the sudden uncontrolled muscle spasms I’m not prepared for. I’ve started having sudden leg jerks that have resulted in embarrassing falls as welllas dizziness And muscle spasms now uncontrolled diarrhea. I just want to crawl into a corner

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4 months ago

I’m supposed to report any new symptoms or worsening of symptoms that lasts 24 hours or longer to my nurse right away and then they tell me if I need to come sooner. Hope you feel better!

4 months ago

Make sure you write everything down, especially for the next fortnight. You will not remember everything when you get into the consultation room. I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 25 yrs, see my ms nurse every 2 mths, and still write things down so I remember everything when I see her. I know I can always e-nail her, but face to face is always better and usually redults in quicker movement on appointments, disabled facilities, equipment etc.Good Luck🥊😍

4 months ago

@tammy_watt , the recording of all strange and unexplained symptoms should be recorded as they help build-up a picture of what’s going on with you. These can be reviewed the next time you see your medical team.

The following will give some ideas about what’s required and how to record it:-

However, if any symptom has a marked impact on your quality of life, I would be tempted to call them in straightaway. This may allow a quicker diagnosis and/or some symptom management.

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