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Are you looking for something for more ‘immediate’ results? I.e some people find fatigue better in weeks with certain food types/supplements? Or more long term? I.e prevention of what might be.

I personally don’t suffer symptoms at the moment, and have massively changed my diet to try and prevent or dampen symptoms.

@kellixbean1983, there’s a plethora of information available on the web regarding diets, which may help. Each diet has their own fanbase, who will commend the virtues of their particular diet. But, is this a balanced view?
Alternatively, you could look at a healthy, balanced diet, which is low in saturated fats. This is beneficial to all.
But, diet is just one aspect of managing MS. Removing stress/worry from your life will also have benefits.
Moderation is a good word to sum up the management of MS. Try not to overdo things. Listen to your body and respond accordingly.
Hope this helps.

Thankyou both so much for your comments… I had a attack 2 weeks ago…. Still trying to recover… I’m a negative person always have been and always had a lot of stress in my life…. Starting a course soon about posative thinking so hoping its going to work. As for my blog just trying to
help my lf….

If…. I have cut out fizz

@kellixbean1983 I agree with Stumbler that moderation is key and keeping the stress level down is so important in the healing process.

I had found a site that seems to have a great following with regard to their views on diet, but I know that I could not follow this one to the letter… That would stress me out because I love food too much! Here is the site link

I took what I could from the diet and adjusted it to my lifestyle but I admit to eating anything that I crave… only in moderation. for myself I am being a little more conscious of what I’m eating and making sure my diet is balanced.

Hope this helps.

I avoid aspartame, MSG and any other ingredient/chemical in a product that I don’t understand/can’t trace back to a real thing.

Also, a guy used to post on here called Rich and he told us all about Dr Monte and his research.
I watched the video clip and I actually got in touch with Dr Monte. He sent me his book for free and we keep in close contact.

His rules are pretty simple and easy to follow and I have to say that its had a good impact.

NO aspartame
No naturally smoked foods (wood alcohol)
No smoking

The idea is to reduce your methanol consumption. The symptoms for methanol poisoning and MS are exact.

I’m having my second MRI scan soon and I am very interested to know how my lesions are looking.

Since I’ve been following his diet I have been ‘in the room’. Usually I felt like I wasn’t real or not quite with it.

When Rich first posted about Monte’s diet it screamed volumes to me because at the time of my worst relapse I was eating a hell of a lot of diet foods/drinks and it made me feel awful. I have since read the labels and they all contain Aspartame.

This diet works for me but then again everyone has their own beliefs. I am no scientist but what he says correlates with my own personal experiences. If anything I am very aware of what I put in my mouth now and am an avid packet reader.

Good luck!

Thankyou all for it suppotive words…. Think I need to finaily start looking after my self better than I have been…. I’m trying to find a list of foods I can have and what I can’t…. My doc says eat what I want and don’t become the ms….. But I feel I need to do this course to feel posative.

@kellixbean1983, diet is just one part of the equation. A balanced, healthy diet is good for everyone!
But, do consider your attitude. You need to stay upbeat and positive. Yes, we can all have a bad day, but tomorrow will always be better.
And, be kind to yourself. Moderation is a key word. Push yourself to hard and your MS won’t be best pleased. Your body will tell you when it wants you to slowdown and rest, so listen to your body and follow its lead.
So, don’t eat/drink junk, be positive and be kind to yourself. MS is manageable.

Thankyou xx I feel better… Now I have found this group, I feel I’m not on my own any more…

Hi @kellixbean1983 welcome to Shift 🙂 I’m fairly new to MS, was diagnosed 10 weeks ago. This site has been the best thing it’s so great to know you’re not alone. MS can be so confusing and at times just plain strange so having people who understand is brilliant. Food wise, I did loads of reading about it and basically came to the conclusion that you can’t eat anything! There are heaps of different diets out there. I currently avoid dairy (I still cheat with desserts though!) I don’t eat red meat anymore and I eat lots of nuts and seeds which I didn’t really eat before. I take a B vitamin complex as it is meant to help with fatigue and 5000iu of vitamin D a day. I also take evening primrose oil as prescribed by my GP. I have to admit to feeling a million times better than I did before I did all this but I still have symptoms it just helps 😀

I asked ‘the food /diet question’ very early on after dx. My neuro at the time was Professor Giovannoni (he of the research blog here, so definitely one to believe). He told me that yes, following one of these diets might well make me feel better. But, he added, it will have absolutely no effect on the MS disease course. Are you sure about that? I countered. Oh, yes, he replied. I believe him and I think the most important thing is to ‘live well’ in a general sense. That means diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation. Get all of these right and you are giving your body the best chance to counter the MS. We’re all going to feel better with a healthy diet, but if we beat ourselves up about it and/or put our bodies under stress by creating unnatural exclusions, we’ll be ‘living badly’. As @stumbler says, moderation is the key. If you like lentils etc. that’s what you should eat, but if you crave red meat that’s fine too. I totally agree with the comments about aspartame – but there’s also a lot of muck in processed foods (apart from the horsemeat, that is!). I try and cook everything fresh.

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