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What can I take to reduce the burning

So i am experiencing this quite badly over the last month, all I get given is amitriptyline but I don’t take it as I’m not depressed nor do I want to feel like a zombie. I normally cope with this day in day out but it’s worse than I’ve ever felt and, only in my legs and sometimes hip. Any other meds available?


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4 years ago

@catfight I’m on Gabanpentin which is for pain and it easing my burning pain.


4 years ago

@lina Is this something you can take in the day..

@billybonza I’ve never been one for drugs or alcohol.. i mean this cud possibly change in the coming years but for now im happy to stay clear :p

4 years ago

@katfight, the Amitriptyline is good for getting a good night’s sleep, something we all need.

It will mask the burning to allow sleep.

IMPORTANT: Just ensure you take the Amitriptyline at least 12 hours before you intend to rise the next day. That strategy should avoid the “zombie” effect the next day.

4 years ago

Hi Katfight,

fair enough, I don’t like drinking a whole lot either.

4 years ago

Hi @katfight
I know there is a stigma attached to taking any anti depressant but when taking amitryptiline on a low dose it does not act as an anti depressant. At 10-40mg it can combat neurotic pain, @ 50-80mg it acts as a sleeping tablet which can result in a zombie type state for some people, 90mg+ is when it becomes an anti depressant. As always everyone is different so it is trial and error. I was on amitryptiline for about 18 months and it changed my quality of life. I was on 20mg a day which gradually got increased to 50mg to help with neurotic pain. It took about a month before it made any difference because of the low dose but when it did I suddenly realised how much the pain was dragging me down on a day to day basis and how much I was just putting up with. Family and friends all commented how I looked more fresh than I had done for a long time. I am now on 75mg of norotryptiline which is from the same family as amitryptiline. I had a bad reaction to gabapenton (large rashes on my back and across my forehead, so was not on it for very long but a lot of people I know swear by it. Progablin is another one that my Neuro has recommended if the norotryptiline stops working. Hope you find something that works for you.

4 years ago

@catfight yes you can take it during the day I take 900mg 1 x 300mg in the morning 1 x 300mg lunch 1 300mg at night been on this since end of July can make you tired you could mention it to your GP

Lina x

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