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What a weekend…

Well after looking forward to having my first Easter weekend off work for 7 years my MS has played up.
Started with pain in my left hand and an ice pack seemed to help with this. Went back to work Friday night and the pain had spread all the way up my left arm and the lower half felt like it was burning.
I last 1.5 hours in work till the pain had me in tears and I told my manager I had to go home. Nothing I’ve taken gas seemed to help. All I’ve done is be in pain and sleep. As a nightshift worker I used to playing catch up but this is rediculous.
I called my nurse on Friday but don’t expect to hear back from her till later this week and I’m back in work tomorrow night. I’m not sure if I can face it.
I’m normally really up beat and don’t let my MS get to me, I had planned to put fencing up over the weekend but I confess this relapse is getting me down.

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1 year ago

Hi @sarah_dawn_lewis and welcome.

Our MS shows no respect for our plans, does it? But, if you were looking forward to the Easter break, does this mean that you may have been working too hard?

What type of pain are you experiencing? MS is very good at causing us sensory pain, e.g. burning, pins’n’needles, etc., but doesn’t usually cause us physical pain.

Are these repeat symptoms? If so, it may be your body giving you a message that you’re over-doing things.

What medication have you been taking for these symptoms?

I’m sorry to pose so many questions, but, it is important that we try and separate MS problems from other health problems. You’ve not been diagnosed that long, relatively speaking, so you may still be getting used to managing your MS.

That’s ok I don’t mind the questions,
It’s been a normal week for me, just looking forward to Easter off as I’ve always worked the entire weekend every other year to do the seasonal changes.

Pin and needles are a constant for me in my left hand hand but it was joined by a mixture of stabbing pain in my hand and burning up my arm. My arm felt if it was being squeezed as well.
Ive tried some ibuprofen and paracetamol but these didn’t work and I’m not sure what to try next.

Just wish I could get the constant need to sleep lol

Do you have flexibility in your work hours? From what I have read it seems that night shift work maybe harder on MS then day time work. This might be related to sunlight/vitamin d or just quality of sleep. We all have to deal with what life gives us, but I am just wondering if there are some options that might be worth looking into for your overall health. I dont know how strong the evidence really is, but there were a couple articles I came across. Obviously not something thats going to help in the short term, but maybe something to consider.

1 year ago

@sarah_dawn_lewis , that’s a good call by @californiadreamin . You may be suffering from a vitamin D3 deficiency, which can cause all manner of grief. If you mention it to your GP, a simple blood test will test your levels.

Quality sleep is essential so managing pain is important. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol don’t touch neuropathic pain. Discuss this with your MS Nurse, who will probably suggest Gabapentin, Pregabelen or Amitriptyline.

We’re all different, so you have to find the medication that’s right for you. And the right dosage.

Amitriptyline will help you sleep too. Just ensure you take it 12 hours before you intend to get up the next day.

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