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@markms, Many moons ago, someone set up this website :- , perhaps we should update it?

Hi markms I am from France but was born in the Netherlands and lived with my English husband in the uk for 25 years ? Confused well I am to ! By the way the husband moved as well to France my dx was in France were they call my type of sep ( ms ) aggressive progressive . Your going to be sorry you posted this question you’ll find it’s almost an international site ! All the best femke xx

hi stumbler yes i have been on there but it dont seem any one els has lol so thought i would ask some times the easy way lol

Ha ha, added me – turns out I’m @stumbler‘s neighbour …

Ha ha – added myself and it turns out I’m stumbler’s neighbour …


Went on the map and it seems I live in the middle of the Mediterranean sea not complaining if there is some sort of life raft if not could somebody send some help please !!! Not a strong swimmer since ms happened . S.O.S. S.O.S

@femke, if your dropped your pin in the wrongs place, you can click and drag it to the right place. The more you zoom in, the more accurate you can be.

Hi @markms I’m from Southampton England, Happy Days

Southampton England. Happy Days!

Sorry i am still in the middle of the sea can somebody help me ?

Tried your suggestion @stumbler but by now you should know I am useless with I.t. Related things !

@femke, which sea?

stumbler she is just below australla

Cheers @markms. OK, @femke, I’ve added you a new pin.
Just got to find your old one and remove it!

Hmmm, not sure how to remove a pin. We’ll have to wait for the owner to do that.
Possibly, @femke, you can delete that flag sitting off Australia. Double-click on the flag and select delete.

I thought it was the Mediterranean Sea lol don’t ask me to remove will just mess it up again ! I am actually sitting here really lol sorry ! Femke xx

US Indiana 🙂

It’s ok everybody I have saved and I am back where I belong thank you markms for finding me and thank you stumbler for putting me back again ! Lol !

Scotland, the best country on earth! ………..apart from the whole MS stats thing.

haha i too asked this question some time ago and it seems to be hot topic and i thinkg the website @stumbler mentioned should be updated or an extras bit added to Shift
btw currently in Wolverhampton, England, born in Germany, lived in N.Ireland, Scotland, Gibraltar(which i miss)

i’m added 🙂 maybe this needs to be added to Shift

Yes it’s great it took some doing on my behalf bit I am a total I.T . Idiot !

me too! I am like 40 minutes from @tiltawhirl!

@mrshawk So you are! And here I thought I had a monopoly on Canada here at Shift. 😉 Nice to see a fellow Canadian. 🙂

Edinburgh Scotland

wish i could go visit somewhere where you all are at!

How do I add a pin for me? Sorry 🙁

And access this from the shift site (rather then this post) I think it is cool. Obviously would be cooler with me on it though. Lol 🙂

Co. Galway, Ireland 😀

Hi, this seemed like a straight forward first post! I am in Fleet in Hampshire – nice services on M3

From Tasmania, but currently living in Melbourne Australia. Stumbler, thanks for your directions, but my map has no “additions” option. May not be iPhone friendly? Or maybe I am omnipresent. Or something 🙂

Biggleswade,Bedfordshire !

Originally from Wigan, but now live in Oxfordshire.

U.S.A. California (East of San Francisco)

@daveydingle Oh I grew up there many moons ago now.

Luton Bedfordshire now…

@dave-luton…. Luton ! Is that an improvement then 😉

Northampton UK today, but have lived in Belgium, Netherlands, London, Dunstable & Basingstoke lol

Pearl City, Hawai’i. Before this, I lived in Southern Idaho. Before that, I lived in Augusta Georgia, then Biloxi Mississippi; and before THAT I lived in multiple areas around Michigan. 1 year in Central Florida too.

weymouth dorset

Now if you could all hear my mockney accent… you’d be able to tell that I’m from Essex… (not in a TOWIE way, more of an Ian Dury, Billy Bragg, Damon Albarn kind of way) but seeing as we are doing this online and you couldn’t tell…I’ve added myself to the map!

@markms. I was born in Manchester but now live near Ascot. A Lancashire lass at heart!!! lolz

I’m in Berkhamsted

Well, I was born in Russian, Moscow. Left in 1990 after the Fall of Berlin wall. Now I’m based in Belgium.

Edinburgh, Sunny Scotland 🙂

Chester. Cheshire

Btw how do you add yourself to the map thingy i can see people on it and go to my location but i have no option to add a little pin on my iPad

Dan once have the map on your screen, navigate to your area

Then from the menu at the top left, click Additions > Add Simple Marker and fill in the dtails, hope this helps…

I just done mine

Luton 🙁 England

Luton isn’t that bad !


Currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Born and grew up in Rugby, Warwickshire. UK.

Lol I just noticed that map has placed my home town, Stornoway, right in the middle of the sea. We aren’t that remote!

Nottingham UK 🙂

hiya everyone im new to this site i live in rotherham nr sheffield south yorkshire! yeah a yorkshire lass oyoy!!!

Woodford Green, London here 🙂

Ascot, Berkshire

@stumbler and @gpeps ….. Is there any chance this could be added to rather than as a forum stream….? and something we could maybe do as people sign up to the site (if people want to… that is?

It’s heartening to see where people are and would be good to look at to arrange meet p’s in the future maybe?

@JustJones, one of our clever members found this webapp, which has been used by quite a few members:-

Hi @stumbler…. Yes i know you did already signpost me to it a week or so ago…

It’s great.

but i was wondering if it could be permanently attached to (maybe a page of it’s own? – where are you? or something like that…) rather than being a forum post.

It would be good if we were signposted/told about it at the point of sign up too….

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