4 years ago
Weird anxious/depressed episodes

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I’m having one at the moment. For no apparent reason I’m feeling down and sad. And scared. I can’t say why in fact I’m not thinking about anything in particular I just feel……..bad. I could cry but I don’t really know why. This has happened to me a few times now, it’s so weird. Has anyone else ever had this or is it nothing to do with my MS and is just cos my brain is a bit off the wall?

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@aileen. one of the symptoms of MS is “emotional lability”.
Basically, your emotions can go up and down for no real reason.
So, don’t worry, tomorrow will be a new day. 🙂

Thanks Stumbler, I kinda thought it was MS related alright, just needed to hear someone else say it! It happens every now and then it’s always gone by the morning though. 🙂 It doesn’t overly worry me it’s just very odd!

we’ve all been there hun, dont worry to much about it, it will pass. although i do find a good cry can really help!

Thank you @hugmachine It is tempting to just have a good cry! It’s gone now, probably cos I bought tickets for Wicked with my two besties so instantly cheered up! I think I know what caused it too but it wasn’t something aimed at me, I think I got upset for my friend who was treated badly today! Well we are both now happy again with our show tix. It’s my personal form of retail therapy. 🙂

Aww thank you @hugmachine! I’m fine now it’s gone, probably because I bought tickets for Wicked for myself and my two best mates. Instant cheer up! I think I know what caused it too, something that wasn’t even aimed at me, a friend was treated badly today by people who have a talent for upsetting all of us and I think I took it on in some odd subconscious way! Anyway we are both cheered up now we have our tix. It’s my personal form of retail therapy is going to shows!

Heat and being ill causes to be a lot worse for me. Are you ill?

Hi @serankin no thankfully I’m not ill at the moment, had a hard time with headaches a few weeks ago (which my GP says are most likely caused by the lesions) but feeling much better lately 🙂 Heat has a bad effect on me but since I live in Ireland and it’s currently winter not so much these days. I’m all good at the moment, once that last little phase passed I was fine.

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