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Hi all

This weekend I’ve been so weak…..weaker than normal. Yesterday I went out shopping but found walking around the shops too difficult and had to go back to the car. I’m usually alright walking, very tired but I still manage. Do you think I’ve had a relapse? I’m still very weak and tired today again. I’ve came into work but just want to sleep?


Suzie xx

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10 months ago

@suzie10 , fatigue is probably the most frustrating symptom of MS.

Life is very demanding of all of us these days. To be tired at the weekend is understandable, if you’ve been working all week. And, MS is very unforgiving. If we push ourselves one, we can expect to pay for it the next.

Have a read of this booklet from the MS Trust:-

10 months ago

Hi there @suzie10.your post totally resonates with me. Checking your profile, dx and Tec are the same for me. The truth is, some weekends I feel as you described, the next, almost right as rain and happy to potter round the shops. I’ve come to realise that for me, I’m not heading into a relapse but just experiencing what has become a normal pattern for me. I don’t understand it at all, nor do I fully understand what a relapse is, as it seems to me that life is one bigrelapsesince being diagnosed! I focus on getting enough sleep, trying to exercise and eating healthily. Hope you feel better, roll on next weekend, hey…..x

10 months ago

If your coming down with a cold glands inflamed or any small ailment your ms tends to rear its head and make you feel more under the weather but this normally passes . It’s not always a relapse just scary.

9 months ago

Thanks guys, sonetimes I feel I’m just a massive hindrance to people when I feel I can’t walk any more. That’s me diagnosed 2 years next month and I’m still getting use to things and it annoys me when people say but you weren’t like that 2 years ago as if your making it up, don’t know if you guys find this? Xx

9 months ago

@suzie10 , never feel bad because of what other people think!

They just don’t understand. Ignorance is just like MS, there is no cure! 😉

9 months ago

I often get spells when i feel like this @suzie10 i think its just the normal ebb & flow of things, doesn’t necessarily mean relapse. I know it can be challenging but try not to feel like you’re hindering anyone, none of this is your choice, we’re all just working within our own limits. As @stumbler says lots of people are limited by their ignorance, if we could find a cure for that we’d all get very rich! 😉

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