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Right… time to get candid. As you all know, MS wreaks havoc on your plumbing, leading to urinary tract infections which then can provoke relapses and all sorts of other misery. As I may have to start managing my bladder function a lot more invasively at some point soon in the near future, I was wondering if anybody out there could give advice on catheters? My main concern is that it hurts when sticking them in, and also how much management day to day do they need. I’d ask my MS nurse, but the local hospital doesn’t have one dammit. Again, your thoughts/advice most welcome. There’s only so much cranberry juice I can take…

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6 years ago

I find taking acidophilus helps to limit the amount of uti’s, I couldn’t live without it now, it’s uncomfortable using catheters you get use to it, hope this helps you

6 years ago

I use disposable catheters. You do get used to “doing the deed”, it’s just a case of getting use to the “feeling”.
I also get through about 3 litres of Cranberry juice a week.
Just bear in mind that UTIs are always a possibility, so if you suddenly feel that your MS has deteriorated rapidly, get to your GP to do a urine test.
If UTIs become a problem, you can take Trimethoprim as a first line of defence.

6 years ago

i was told about a herbal remedy to help prevent UTIs happening by my incontinence nurse – just raced around house to find the name of it (ok it was more of a lollop at this time of the day :-)) and can’t find the bottle – will repost with the name when i find it – but i did intermittent catheterisation which gave me more confidence BUT i developed UTIs as a result of catheterising which developed into a kidney infection 3 weeks before my wedding – ouch! so i’ve had to stop the cath-s and now just use oxybutnin to manage – although getting annoyed again at moment as i am never dry and am changing 3 x a day – hopefully will settle down again soon x

6 years ago

Cranberry juice is definitely a staple in my at-home treatment regimen. But like you said…there’s only so much cranberry juice one can take. I’ve recently found liquid cranberry capsules that you can take daily. I go between taking two to three a day and keep the actual juice for emergencies.

I had a really terrible UTI a while back but thankfully avoided a trip to the doctor by downing mass amounts of water, lemon water, cranberry juice, and taking cranberry pills. Was constantly in the bathroom but thankfully was able to get over the UTI fairly quickly without it becoming more serious.

6 years ago

better late than never – i found the remedy my incontinence nurse told me about : Potter’s Herbals Antitis Tablets……

6 years ago

I haven’t had to self-catheterise yet – they wanted to but I pushed them to try drugs first. I’m on a low-ish dose of Solifinacin which seems to be helping me void more normal amounts rather than going very often and only getting rid of tiny amounts. I don’t mind if I do get to the point of needing a catheter but I didn’t really like that was the first option – I assume it is just the cheaper option for the NHS as they’ve done that to me before.

6 years ago

Hiya, i have sometimes re sorted to catheters as my bladder decides that wont work so im in pain everytime i get a uti and cant empty. The one i use is speedycath compact, they are about the same size as tampax compact in length and are not as bad as some catheters can be, go onto and order a sample of speedycath compact in 10ch they send you about 5 of them so you can look at them and try if you need too x

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