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Walking aids and balance

I’ve not been on this in roughly about six months but it was hospital bloods day yesterday. Everything went okay. And had alot of discussions about things. I’m tripping alot more and my balance isn’t all that great. I also have cerebral palsy so I walk with a limp. So that doesn’t help at all. It’s better some days She suggested that physio would be a good idea and maybe a Walking aid for the days I feel more fatigued incase I fall and break something again 🙈 has anyone got severe balance issues that needs walking aids

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2 months ago

@terriewhyte , “tripping a lot” suggests that Footdrop may potentially be an issue, so an assessment by a neuro-physio is a good idea. They can assess whether you have any muscles that are “under-performing” and prescribe exercises to address.

They can also advise on walking aids.

Balance issues are a problem with MS, affecting 50-70% of us. So, sticks, crutches, walkers can be part of our toolkit.

2 months ago

Thank you @stumbler I already have muscle issues and balance issues already down my right side as I have cerebral palsy . I only use my left side of body . I put alot of weight on my left side but recently been having to lift my leg higher due to my limp and tripping. So mylimp is alot worse. Lucky I’ve tripped that much before ms I can catch myself sometimes . Hopefully the physio won’t be to long and we can discuss options

2 months ago

@terriewhyte Hi and welcome to our exclusive club. Swimming, best all round exercise going. I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 26 years, but still swim. There are things I can do in the water I can’t do on land, but I think ‘muscle memory’ has a lot to do with it. You probably won’t have that because as a rule one has cerebral palsy from an early age but every thing you can do to help has got to make things better. At home, or when I’m out and about without my electric wheelchair or mobility scooter I wall or furniture walk if I haven’t got access to a walker etc., but at every trip to the baths I can lift the kegs like a ballerina (good things most people can’t see me cos they’d die laughing) Yes of course sticks, walkers, orthotics all help but the more you can do for yourself the better🥊😜

2 months ago

terriewhite, I have awful footdrop, I walk like the hunch back without the hump, I was given leg braces, sticks, all sorts really, then I was introduced to F E S functional electronic stimulation, pads attached to my legs and a device in my shoe, I am able to walk, slow as ever, but I walk. I have details on my blog, good luck

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