4 years ago
Walking Aids

Okay, so I recently obtained a walking stick, which, honestly, is brilliant. However, I’m really nervous about using it around school. The thought fills me with dread, I don’t usually care of what people think of me, but I can just imagine them staring, and when I do that I go bright red, making it kinda hard to hide the embarrassment. I know there are many benefits of using it, and if it’ll stop me from falling down the stairs again, then that’s wonderful, but I can’t help how nervous I am. Any advice on how not to be embarrassed as a fifteen year old walking round school with a stick?

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I can understand the concerns you have, but you have to ask yourself which situation would be more embarrassing:-
a) falling over like a drunk person; or
b) having an accessory that brings confidence to your walking?
It will feel strange and unfamiliar at first, but those feelings will soon fade.
Sticks have other useful functions as well as improving your balance. Consider a stick to be an extension to your arm, for reaching things. It’s also an interesting weapon!
I just hope you’ve acquired a stick suitable for your age-group, or that you’re going to “pimp” this one up! There’s some quite fashionable sticks available.

jupiterjumper I remember my time at school, a time I would prefer not to have to go through again, but stumbler is quite correct, the short term staring won’t last and overall the benefit of using the stick will outweigh it. You are going to feel embarrassed, but it really is a short term thing, it will become your new ‘normal’ and soon you won’t think twice about using it 🙂

Try it for a day and see how it goes, then you can think about the other days as you reach them…

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It has not 🙁

Do not worry abt it. Anyone gives you grief, whack em in the shins!
And yeah, pimp it up! You can get all kinds of patterns, or spray paint, or oooo well possibilities endlass

You might find that they find you cool!!!
They may stare at first but that’s okay to cope with.
Above all stay cool yourself.
It is definitely better than falling and maybe hurting yourself. Sue. :O

Hi honey, I’m sure it’s cooler to have a stick than face plant in front of your peers. Make your stick an accessory, glam it up with some fab flat back studs, crystals or theme it with additional items depending on your mood. It can end up your fashion accessory which make you original and will end up an extension of you and your style. 😉 x

And you get metal ones that fold up. An asset, I imagine if yr going round & sitting in variuos classes. It then slips in your bag. Instead of falling over wiv a crash. Oh yes, bin there…..

@jupiterjumper, here’s an online retailer that does all manner of sticks:-
Obviously, there are other retailers

@stummbler….tippling sticks??? who knew!! Get pottypete one! (He prob already has one…)

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