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1 year ago

Hi Emmanuel, yes, especially this last year when things have started to get really bad. Bought a mobility scooter a year ago, NHS have given me an electric wheelchair ( which I can’t get out of the house till Mr council build me a ramp which I have been waiting for for 14 months!) I have 3 walkers, 2 inside and 1 out but even with them I can,t go very far but mobiliy scooter means I can even do my own shopping😍

1 year ago

Hi Emma, yes I struggle with walking any distance, but I force my self to go out and walk everyday. If I feel good I try to walk for longer.
Keep the faith.
Paul x

1 year ago


You will find that for this lovely symptom that the majority of us will say yes to a varying degree.

Keeping fit, keeping mobile and staying active has been great at keeping on top of it for me though

1 year ago

Dear @emman84,

Like almost everyone else on here, I struggle with fatigue. After I have got up, and got my daughter off to school, I go back to bed and fall asleep (the fact that I very rarely manage an uninterrupted night due to having to get up to go to the loo doesn’t help…). Like Paul, I try to get outside every day (Lancashire rain permitting). It stops me going mad being cooped up in the house all day. Keeping as fit and mobile as possible is very important, but don’t forget to keep mentally fit as well. Do try to keep your brain occupied too. I have rediscovered the joy of reading, something I didn’t really have time for before this awful disease meant I had to give up a demanding full-time career, which I loved. You will be able to find plenty to do.

Life is not over, by a long stretch. Pace yourself, and enjoy.

Best wishes,


1 year ago

Yes, I managed a walk yesterday and an hour drive. Paying the price today, my lovely burning nerve pain is back in my feet!

Will keep pushing through!

2 months ago

thank you to everyone

2 months ago

Grocery shopping is about all of the walking I can do and I hang on to the shopping cart the whole time. I usually pick up something for dinner at the store because I know I will be to tired to cook by the time I put groceries away. Potter

2 months ago

Yes I do
I dont walk normally
For anyone looking at me they’d notice im weak or unstable
Im always looking down afraid something would make me fall
Thats outdoor indoor i walk normal slow and heavy

2 months ago

Yes I have problems walking, if I go to the supermarket I know I have the trolley to hold , I have a walker but can’t put in the car , I have a splint but still drag my left leg , the tiredness is unbelievable, people just don’t understand,

2 months ago

can i just rant about how stupid some people are!!!!!! i told my previous manager that i had ms and he looked at me with a blank expression and asked me what does that mean??? grrrrr 😡😡😡

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