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Just wondering if anybody else has difficulty walking as I’ve notice recently that when I’m walking my right knee seems to give way. It happens when I put pressure on my right leg and my knee can’t take it and I stumble to one side

I do struggle with walking as my balance is not great and I can’t really walk in a straight line but this new problem just happens randomly even happens if I’m if carrying nothing. I manage to stop myself falling over but if I’ve got anything in my hand I usually drop that

I’m struggling with my MS right now and I don’t need any more problems to add to the long list

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1 year ago

@motorsportpete , I know that feeling when your knee suddenly gives way. You tend to lose confidence in its ability!

You just have to give it some light exercise. There’s some suggestions here :-

1 year ago

I guess most of us e
Xperienced this or probably will in one point
I had it when I was in Scotland took 500ml steroids felt slightly better time fixed it
It happened over 4 timesin Scotland but it never lasted long and my neuro didnt continue giving me steroids she said i had enough already since daignose
Rest is the best thing you can do
Was w
Orking in scotland 9 to 9 suddenly without noticing my legs vanished and my knees were stuck to my feet i asked for help they took me to a seat and 5 mins i stood up normal
Worst thing is panicking and stre
ssing you scared neve give it a break lay down most of ur day you’ll see wonders in maximum 20 days time if u r RRMS x

1 year ago

Hello @motorsportpete.

Indeed most of us have either that or another leg weakness linked to MS. Stretching and yoga can be very helpful for what you are feeling!

Super link sent by @stembler, give it a try.


1 year ago

Hi @motorsportpete I do have difficulty walking, I’m
A long time ‘gone’ though as I was diagnosed in 2000. Gentle exercise & to keep moving really is the best thing you can do. Something I did a few years ago was Pilates (this was suggested by my MS nurse), &
I found it really helpful – I didn’t do a group class though as my ego got in the way 😌

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