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Hi all.

I have decided to post today to help me get through the week before my first MRI.

I am due a “head” mri.. just curious does this include the c-spine or just the brain??

I’m not coping very well in limbo tbh.. I am getting out and trying to enjoy myself take my mind off things but this is all sitting in the back of my mind every minute I can’t lie.

I’m still experiencing some of the symptoms that took me to the GP in the first place which includes bladder issues some pins and needles and neck pain.. this doesn’t help my anxiety

I’m just waiting…

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12 months ago

@wonders , they’re normally quite specific about which part of the body they want scanning. The radiographer will let you know anyway.

Try and stay strong. 😉

12 months ago

Hey @stumbler

My letter just said head..
but thank you I am trying xxxx ☺️

12 months ago


MRI’s are easy; they are just like X-Rays except you are laying down & they are noisy. Just close your eyes & blank everything out; don’t fall asleep because if you do your body will move – destroying the test results.

The good news is that you will know for sure if you have MS… Bring your partner to the Neurologist when the results come in – hopefully you two can look at the scan on their computer. It was actually very impressive watching the zoom into my skull – with all the white lightning bolts inside my brain. It was impressive until I was told the lighting bolts were the MS damaged nerves. LOL

Until then, relax. Nothing is going to change over the next week.

12 months ago

I had one of the head at first. Then they realized I was missing the spine. They also forgot to order the MRI with with AND without gadolinium. So back into the noisy machine. ARGH!
I’m not claustrophobic, but really don’t like wasting my time!!!! Is there a fear of wasting time? That’s me.
I would call back and ask them why the order doesn’t say spine as well? And why they didn’t ask for gadolinium.

12 months ago

Hi there @wonders my MRI appointment letters always specify “head & neck” so I would assume yours is just of the head. You could always give them a call if you want to clarify. Waiting is the worst part in these situations because it just leaves you with too much time to think & no real info, try your best to keep busy & distract yourself & pop on shift whenever you have a question or need a natter 😊

12 months ago

Thanks all 😘

I’m not enjoying this limbo period at all..
I thought I was made of stronger stuff than this..

I just want my life back x

12 months ago

Hello wonders. My most recent MRI letter also just says “head” so I have left a message with the consultants secretary to ask if they also needed the spine included in the MRI appointment or will it be done separately, as the consultant specifically said to me she would request a spine MRI because of my leg problems. I would prefer to get the whole lot done in one go!
My initial MRI was ‘head’ but on the report it does reference the upper cord so presumably they could see a bit of it on the images.
As others have said, if you have any concerns about the scope of the scan it could be worth calling to confirm exactly what has been requested.
I hope it all goes well for you.

12 months ago

Hello @wonders. Just wanted to say a strange thing. I know how you feel about wanting your life back. In my case, diagnosed 15 months ago, it soon became clear that life was never going to be the same again, however well I was recovering. Just to let you know, as part of the process of acceptance and all the stages you go through, I feel I have a new life now, one that I have been carving out for myself in line with this bodily invader. And all you newbies will too, I’m sure of that xx

12 months ago

My first letter just said head but when I went the radiographer sat me down beforehand and explained they were doing head and c-spine. My most recent letter just said head and sure enough, i was in and out in about 15 minutes having had just the head done! I would ring to find out beforehand and put your mind at rest if it’s worrying you. The not knowing is by far the worst part.x

12 months ago

If they said its an mri then no it dorsnt iclude c spine
The mei can be quiet annoying if u eant to finish as soon as possiple try not to move anything in your head even yawning might delay it a bit. Stay strong and calm 😉

12 months ago

Hey I hope you start to feel better and get the answers you deserve. I’ve been thinking of the future in how things usually workout for the better. It’s the worst when you’re in pain. Axienty is the worst and I hope you could take your mind off things. You have a great day and great fortune. : )

12 months ago

Thank you so much for the good wishes 😘 and thank you for taking the time to answer my post 😘

12 months ago

Hi @wonders – following on from yesterday – my MRI has been confirmed as including spine even though only head is mentioned on the letter so it’s definitely worth calling for clarification.
Best wishes with it all.

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