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Ok… So a couple of months ago I had a very weird night at work where I could not troubleshoot anything (this is my Job and what I am very good at) to take it one step farther I broke a few machines by not following the simple sequences that I do every night. I was so bothered by how weak my arms were, how tired i was, and the “out of body” feeling i was having that I went to the emergency room. The Dr. said that with my overall health being relatively good and the fact that these symptoms have come and gone for years but are getting worse that he suspects possible MS and I need to follow up with my family Dr. and have more testing done. I have not lived here very long and actually do not have a family Dr. I am working on getting into one but im still a few months out. Since my original day at the ER I have had a few new things mainly blurry vision and weight loss (145LBS to 115LBS) the weight loss has been over the last couple of weeks the vision is odd though it comes and goes rather quickly. Obviously without having a Dr to discuss these things with and not wanting to scare my wife im going a bit nuts. Have any of you had rapid weight loss? Ive weighed between 135 and 150 since high school im 32 now.

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Hi @tomt and welcome to the forum.

I hate to say this, but whilst we have some good firsthand experience of MS, we don’t try and replace the diagnostic procedures of our medical professionals.

It’s just that the symptoms of MS also present in a variety of other conditions too. So, diagnosis is a process of elimination.

Perhaps some of our American members can provide advice on acquiring a Family Doctor…………..

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I’d rather to discuss your issue considering MS as last possibility.
I hope you are eating good and not a smoker or a big drinker.

Did you sleep w
Ell and e
Enough the nights before these confusing symptoms accured.

Get your blood and blood pressure tested.
The week I felt MS I was 17 yrs old thought my glasses were dirty I cleaned it It was ok then or so I thought second day it happened again I asked dad to buy me new pair or glasses went to optician he said my sight is perfect and referred me to neurologist. So you better get your eyes checked first I believe. After 11 yrs I lost sight thought its due tonmy MS but I discovered its cornea did transplant now fine thats why better not to over worry about ms possibility hopefuly not.

Be safe

Regarding to your question about weight personaly no different before and after but now after 13 years yes its way lower.
But I dont eat well.

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Hi @tomt, sorry you’re going through all of this. Clearly there is something amiss, but there could be many explanations. You need to ask your doctor to be referred ASAP to a neurologist, but your doctor should also start with some routine things like blood tests and pressure, etc. Hope you can get things going soon; for now, try and have a good rest over Christmas

1 year ago

They did blood tests (sugar white blood count those things) the night at the er everything there came back ok blood pressure and all that jazz was good too. I sleep between 7 to 12 hours daily including the nights i have issues. I know I need to get into a Dr. just having a hard time actually getting into one in a reasonable time frame and than when things seem good its kind of out of sight out of mind and after looking things up after getting home from the ER kind of upset they did not just do an MRI before sending me home from the ER but I can not change that now. I have decided that I can no longer put it on the back burner though. At first I was too worried about what it could be to even call a Dr. now im having a hard time getting into one. Im tempted to go back to the ER during my next very rough period and asking for an MRI.

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