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Vitimam D

I was wondering if anyone knows of different forms of vitamin D supplements other then the pills.. I’m on 4000uis a day and I’m having issues swallowing the 4 pills.. I do it 1 or 2 at a time but they get stuck in my throat. I was just wondering I guess if there’s a liquid or anything I could put in smoothies in the mornings maybe? Thanks all! 😘

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My wife and I use d3 pills but I make a green smoothie everyday and put a few vitamin d liquid drops into those for my kids to drink. They can’t taste them and it’s about 5 drops for an adult. I can’t tell you for sure how effective they are but it’s super easy. I bought a well reviewed brand on Amazon.

I also initially the dr gave 50000 icu ones that she was taking once a week that were small round balls. Check with your dr but weekly could also maybe be an option.

1 year ago

I’m prescribed vitD 5,000iu, brand is Pharma Nord. They are tiny ‘pearls’, very easy to swallow because they’re a soft gel so never stick in the throat. I’m useless with big tablets but these are fine. You may be having difficulty finding the vitD in a 4,000iu dose. According to something I read (on the Barts blog, I think) although the 4,000iu dose is the preferred one, 5,000iu is OK. If you look for 5,000iu formulations you may have a lot more choice.

1 year ago

Hi, sorry to hear your having problems. Good vit d food sources – Eggs, fortified cereal, herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines make sure it’s d3 and not d2. There are liquid drops which you can get from health food stores, I’ve tried Biocare, but it’s only 1000iu. Do you get your level checked by the dr? The reason I ask is that mine was too high. It should be between 40-60 (whatever’s) and mine was near 90. We’re all different though go with how you feel x

1 year ago

I have 4000iu in liquid form I just have 2 drops in water a day.

1 year ago

For an MS treatment the doses are huge. You must find a clinic that works with the Vitamine D Protocol, to know the correct dose for you 🙂

1 year ago

If you search on line you can get it in a spray ..I think the highest dosage is only 3000iu but I didn’t look very hard. I also hate swallowing tablets but I have the very soft gel type ones that @cameron suggests. I get them from Healthy Origins and they are fine …5000iu
Good luck

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