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Vitamin overload, any tips please?

I’ve had RRMS since 2009 well that was when i was diagnosed anyway and over the years have been in complete denial about the whole thing. It’s only recently since making a lot more friends that I’ve really started to ‘come out’ more but I still don’t shout about it.
I work for myself and have 3 small children so life is hectic to say the least so now i try and make more ‘me time’ to chill out/keep fit/have a massage to try and keep my life more balanced.
I’ve recently tried to take more vitamins (vit D D and magnesium and zinc) to try and help up my energy and strength levels but think I might be taking too much – does anyone have any experience of this it which vitamins helped you with energy? Some of the side effects I think I’ve had have been nausea, light headedness, having to rush to the loo. I’ve asked my gp (am awaiting a blood test) and my ms nurse who said cut them out snd see what happens

I really am an active person and even when full of fatigue will still soldier on and try not to let this horrid illness get the best of me.

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12 months ago

Hi Smiler, are you up early like me (loo visit, at 6.00am body and dogs won’t let me. go back to sleep) I don’t think you can overdose on vitamins, certainly not on tablets such as multivitamins, that’s why they’re one a day. Not an expert, so for on ece DrGoogle might be a good idea but do what your ms nurse suggests and give it a go!😌

12 months ago

Ford of to mention, going to ‘fatigue’ workshop in London next week, they are bawling with ms and cancer both of which I have, but I find power naps help, I know it’s difficult with 3 kids but worth trying?😍

12 months ago

Thanks, yes up early (5 this morning) as was fed up with tossing and turning all night!
I do try and power nap when I’m really feeling extra fatigued but it’s so hard to find the time isn’t it.
Have ditched the extra vitamins as I can’t be doing with more disruption at the minute xx

12 months ago

I have gone past the small child stage as you have probably guessed by the name, but as a Grandma I was very useful when my granddaughter was small, my basket on my scooter became the repository for jumpers, water bottles, and all other detritus on a walk! But I have the next best thing, dogs, who have 4 legs instead of 2so can get to open doors dropped items (frequent) a lot quicker than humans, one is only an 18 month old pup so full of beans and mischief and Iwouldn’t swap them for the world, the only way I am better off is when mum goes for a nap, or falls asleep on the sofa they join me, dogs seem to be able to sleep at any time unlike kids.😍

12 months ago

@smiler123 , a blood test would be required to indicate your present levels of vitamins, although, it’s a bit previous to just say stop them.

Generally, in the UK, we are all short of vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of this is 10mcg , although quite a few of us are taking 125mcg per day, or 5,000iu. The B vitamins are water-soluble, so any excess is “pee’d” away.

Magnesium, good for muscle health, has an RDA of 270mg for adult females, but I doubt if you are exceeding this.

Vertigo (lightheadedness) can be a symptom of MS, but other causes, e.g. ear infection, should be eliminated first.

Incontinence can also be a symptom of MS:-

We have to accept that this is a problem and ask for help. Your MS Nurse should be able to refer you to a Continence Advisor, to explain some of the options.

Fatigue is one of the biggest bug-bears of MS. We have to manage that as best we can. As you say, balance. There may be some other ideas for you here :-

11 months ago

Thanks very much stumbler and grandma
I find that if I keep on top of my symptoms then I battle on through but I still get caught out from time to time and end up in embarrassing situations which is really upsetting and makes me feel really low.
Good old MS eh?

11 months ago


Embarrassing situations are part of my new life. When my sister asked if I had any seating preferences at her daughters upcoming wedding – I had one. My table needed to be near the washroom.

Those important to us & vice versa will willingly adjust. Those who do not – thank them for being part of your life.

Back to your energy question – no valid response. Except that things in my life I enjoy give me energy!

11 months ago

@smiler123 – can you provide details on the amounts of the vitamins and minerals you are talking?

If taking very high does vitamin D, you need to consider other vitamins like magnesium and B2 (riboflavin) to absorb the vitamin D and help it convert to the active form. High dosage by the way is generally over 30+ K UI day. 10K is well tolerated and equates to small amounts of time in high sunshine, 40K has been shown in trials to have no short-medium negative effects; but Vit D and the various forms it can take can have side affects depending on the individual….

You also need to drink a lot of water (depending on dosage, but rec. 2.5 litres min), otherwise you run the risk of hypercalcemia… the last part of very important as you can have serious complications from this…..

Vit D intake indirectly affects Calcium function in the body as they are both regulated by the parathyroid glands and secreted parathyroid hormone.

You really should avoid excess amounts of Vit D without supervision.

Recommend a 24hr Urine calcium test to check you don’t have excess calcium resulting from the Vit D intake…

11 months ago

Sorry forgot to add, you really should take the magnesium spread throughout the day and with food as it can affect the stomach, common side affect taking too much at once….

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