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Vitamin d3… Brands ?

Hi 🙂

Just wondering what brands of d3 people are taking on here? My daughter went to Holland & Barrett to pick some up for me today but they don’t do any mega doses (5000iu ?)

Also wanna make sure its Colecalciferol (?) and not the other one because I keep reading that the other one isn’t right…

Thanks xxx

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Hey @cazzzzzy originally I bought 5000IU D3 from a website in the US, but the last lot I bought were from Amazon! Here’s the link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Healthy-Origins-Vitamin-Gels-capsules/dp/B002LC1INI/ they’re great….

I have difficulty swallowing large pills or capsules so I went for the Essential Health Solutions ones, which are really tiny capsules. They’re not cheap, though, so I may try out @aardvark‘s brand. NB, if you read Prof G’s blog, the newest recommendation is 4,000iu not 5,000 – but he acknowledges that it’s not always easy to get the 4,000iu pills and he says that the extra 1000 is still well within safety limits.

I buy the same brand as aardvark except 10000iu, gel capsules. Best decision I ever made 🙂

I can’t find anything above 1000 iu here in Australia. I buy mine from the US. Life Extention D3 (5000 iu)

Thank you all xxx

Glad you recommend those ones aardvark as they are great value too!

Ophelia – when you say that it’s the best decision you ever made is that because the vitamin d is helping you?

Thanks xxx

I bought a 3000iu spray from Amazon. Has got to be a win win situation for people using that

That’s cool, thanks DJD! 🙂 xxx

i buy mine from Healthspan Super Strength vitamin D3 1000IU.If you want to take 3 or 4000 iu just take 3 or 4 pills……they’re small and easy to swallow.

Thanks Paul! 🙂 ……. I’ve got some from Amazon now as they will last me a year if I stick to 5000iu…. Does vitamin d help you?

Thanks xxx

fewer relapses……probably nothing to do with the vitamin d but you never know!! a lot of research is being done on this at the moment so only time will tell. http://www.vitamindandms.org/

Hi there, I stated taking 5000iu vit d3 since joining this site I think my general wel being has improved I brought mine through amazon as well about ten pounds for a year !
All the best femke xx

Thank you both! … Good to hear it has helped in some way… Gotta give it a try!

Thanks 🙂 xxx

It seems the 3000iu spray is not good for me. It seems like my body can’t deal with the high dose. It could be an ingredient in the spray or just that my brain/body is incompatible with such a high dose. Sees like I should just try and eat the right foods!

@DJDsouza I’ve heard that you get the maximum benefit from D3 tabs if you take them with fat. Maybe if you do that, you’ll get the same benefit from a much lower dose.

Cheers @cameron. I take Adcal twice a day after breakfast and dinner but this is a much lower dose than the 3000iu spray and doesn’t cause me probs.

Hi DJD … I reckon it could be an added ingredient in the spray… I had a look again and there is a peppermint flavour added so could be that, it says it is natural flavour but could also be some sweetners in there… If I am gonna react to something then I usually do really quickly but I did order the ones aardvark recommended above and have taken the 5000iu for a few days now… No bad sife effects so far…

How is it making you feel worse?… I find if I take some omega 3s they can make me feel worse, can’t quite explain how exactly but they can make me feel kinda out of it… I seem to be hyper sensitive to so many things…

Best wishes xxx

@cazzzzzy it feels like my head is in a vice. Not like it’s being totally crushed but feels like I need to rest some more. Had my hair cut today as it felt like the Vitamin D was making the hair roots get stronger digging into my brain

I was reading today in opendoor, the MS Trust magazine, about vitamin D deficiency and MS. Heat saps my energy so I tend to stay out of the sun. Is this a cunning way for the disease to get a greater hold?

@meg, it’s actually the MS asking you to practice moderation, which is essential to us.
As I understand it, you only need 15 minutes in the midday sun to top up your vitamin D. But, you’re right we do have to be so careful of the heat fatigue.

Hi Meg… My logic is that it can help (but I do think that it may help other types of MS more than others) so I am taking some in the hope of it helping 🙂

I did have my levels checked recently though and they were normal and when I was younger I was always in the sun (but like you I am not anymore due to the fact heat also saps my energy) so I don’t think vitamin d deficiency can be my cause…. Some people think it’s the cause as colder less sunny countries further away from the equator have more MS….

I am hoping it helps or halts… Vitamin d is always top of recommended supplements that may help.

Best wishes xxx

I use Holland and Barrets tablets, and take four per day at 500ui per tablet, to get a total of 2000ui per day First time using them, so trialing it for this month!

Whats in a drug symbol…..

DJD… Yeah that doesn’t sound great.. Have you stopped taking it now? It should clear out your system in a few days, then maybe you could try the other one from Amazon?

I think vitamin d can help with your hair condition so maybe the vitamin d was working on the hair roots so at least if anything you’ll have great hair 🙂 …. Seriously though I do think listen to your body and if it’s making you feel worse then stop but don’t give up as it may help just try another one!?

Best wishes xxx

Lol Scotkiwi… Can’t even remember if it’s iu or ui!! Good Luck with it!!!!

🙂 xxx


As per Aardvark recommendation. I bought the same one as mentioned in the link and can say WOW. I have noticed a big difference. No more numb feet, my balance is alot better, and i am not so tired. This after only 1 month.
A big thank you.


I also take that one from amazon.com and you should take 5000IU per day, if your level of vitamin d3 is law. I read about it on http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis.org/Recovery-Program/Sunlight-and-Vitamin-D/ – but I think that a lot of people here know about this site or book and that it really helps:))
After a few month you should check again your level of vitamin d3, because it should not be a lot higher than normal….
hope it will help to y too!

That’s great to hear openminded! …. How much are you taking?

I’ve just had a blood test to check my levels again (haven’t got the results yet!). Can’t say whether the vitamin d is helping me yet but will give it time. I have also been reading that vitamin d is better absobed with a vitamin k, I need to read up on this though.

I do think vitamin d plays a big part in MS, my theory is if you have ms then for some reason vitamin d isn’t absorbed as well. I do not think that a lack of vit d will cause it though as I spent my childhood on the beach but here I am…

Good luck xxx

I start like it is written on the page with one-shot higher amount of vitamin d3, because I knew that my level was really low. And now I am taking 5000IU per day after some food, where is meat…
I think that this really helped me, because I am now 7months without medication and also without strong relapse…And I am also sunny person, but I read that time spend on sun or eating right food is not enough for vitamin d3, on that you have to take supplements, because normal human level is just low and people with our disease need just more:)

and where you read that people with MS do not absorbe vitamin D as well? because I really do not know nothing about this:)

My doctor put me on these ones called ‘Shire’ calcuim and vit d3, but can’t say they have made a massive difference. Only been on them 10 days or so though.

Shynini – I read somewhere once about it may be a possibility that people with MS might not be able to process vitamin d as well as someone without MS, this is just a theory though and not sure how much more research went into this. It made sense to me when i read about it, i will try and find the info again and post a link! …. Could be a complete whacko theory but who knows…..

Vitamin D must play a part in some way as some sunnier areas of this world have less MS cases than others etc but I do also think that it may be a processing problem which could be genetic…. Maybe we’ll find out one day 🙂

Hi Dave c ~ What’s the amount of Vitamin d in your vitamins? You need at least 4000iu to benefit I think but yeah it’ll probably take a good couple of weeks to start showing if it’s working! Good luck with it! 🙂 xxx

Ah right. Haha these tabs are well below that (take a nought off what you put) I have ordered some stronger ones off amazon 🙂 xx

Cool Dave ~ that extra nought could make all the difference 😉

Best of luck with it 😀 xxx

Fingers crossed, it’s worth a try. If nowt happens I’ll stop taking them. Nothing to lose xx

Tried my first dose of @aaradvak ‘s 5000iU tablets from Amazon. No ill effects so far, but will sleep on it and see 🙂

Cool! Good luck guys & keep us posted 🙂



Mine are 500IU from an American website – Vitamin D3 World

They are tiny, so really easy to take too.

I buy mine from Amazon too – Healthy Origins 5,000 iu gel capsules, I take one per day during the summer and two per day from September to May. My vitamen D levels were low when I was diagnosed but have been fine since taking the high dose suppliment

Hi all,

I notice you’ve discussed having low vit d levels….if i take a high dose supplement but don’t know whether my current levels are low or high, can I do any damage? I.e. can I have too much vit d?! If not, I will order those amazon ones – willing to give everything a go to stop/slow whenever the next relapse may be 🙂

Hi Shulla!

I have read about vitamin d overdose but these cases are amounts such as 100000iu from what I’ve read! (Really mega doses)…

But I do think you should get blood tests at least every 6 months to make sure levels don’t get toooooo high… May be best to get levels checked first but I do think majority of MSers have low levels of vitamin D!

Good luck xxx

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