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Vitamin D and how much to take a day..

Hey guys,
My little enquiry of today is about vitamin D and lots of other things..
How much vitamin D would yous recommend to take daily?I live in Ireland so I need a good dose! I’ve also researched and read about turmeric and I am considering taking these capsules too. Any advice? And what do yous think of the OMS diet and book? I am starting my drugs(avonex) next week (sweet jesus Christ) and will see my nurses so I will ask there opinion too. I’m watching my fat intake and trying to get as much fruit and veg daily. Before I was diagnosed I suffered badly from IBS, and I’ve read there can be a connection between this but since my diagnosis it hasn’t played up at all, which I do find slightly weird.
But anyways, any guidance and advice is always appreciated from all yous lovely people x

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10 months ago

@mandy1979 I take 7 – 8,000 units per day in tablet format and I also get out in the sun with my lid off in the afternoons when the UV is safer (Australia, tricky in Ireland).

Not sure what the direct sunlight adds, but my neuro says my vit-D levels in blood tests is high.

I have also been OMS for about 12 months.

My MS has been labeled “Stable” no new lesions in the last 6 months.

I take Gilenya. No idea about Avonex. Same same different name I presume.

10 months ago

All the drugs are all the same, let’s be honest here, just different names for a certain brand. I’m new to all this, my boyfriend believes in Oms diet but my overall reading from you guys is..Diet helps but it doesn’t contribute that much.
I have/had 3 dirty lesions, 1 dead in my brain and two active. My poor mammy and me had the balls to accept what this beautiful man was telling us but my man can’t xx

10 months ago

@mandy1979 , it is difficult for our partners. They want to help us, but they don’t know how and feel pretty powerless.

Time, and education, helps. 😉

10 months ago

Low vitamin D is pretty typical in MS, and a few years ago (we now know this was after my first flare, but I was only diagnosed in 2017), mine was at 9. Barely anything at all.

I took a supplement for a few months and tried to up my intake and was able to get my levels back to the ‘normal’ range. However, still not great, the lower end of normal, so now I am on 50,000 units of D3 once per week and 1000 in my multivitamin daily. So, roughly 8000 a day. I’m also on iron (low ferritin) and B12 (used to be low on that but now maintaining my good levels). I am on Ocrevus since November.

I’ve personally been modifying diet a little bit but OMS is a bit on the rough extreme side for me. Still, I’m trying to cook simpler, fresher, highlight anti-inflammatory foods. I would rather have things in moderation than none at all. All of this boils down to what you want to do, and if you feel it’s worth a try, then it might be helpful.

10 months ago

Hi @mandy1979.

OMS website is great and so is the diet in my opinion. I do follow most of it but not 100%, I believe you can adapt to your needs (sports, work…) and still make the most of it like @daybyday was mentioning.

As for vitamin D, in my case, daily intake of 6000ui (tablets). Levels have been slowly going up at a rate of about 10ng/mL every 3 months.


10 months ago

Hi @many1979
I follow OMS but not exactly to the letter (I still eat chicken/turkey). I have no idea if it’s helping my MS or not as I started straight after diagnosis, and I was diagnosed fairly fast, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I will say I have lots more energy and not bloated like I used to feel after eating.
I take 8,000 iu of vitamin d per day. You should get your levels checked. If you do begin the diet, feel free to message me anytime if you want to ask something. I found it really daunting at the start, but you get used to it fairly fast!

10 months ago

Hey Mandy.

I have a 4000iu tablet everyday and my vit d level is around 100 now so pretty normal. I didn’t change my diet other than making sure I was eating hrlsthy

10 months ago

healthy and I cut out gluten which helped me absorb my vitamins better 😊.

10 months ago

I take 5,000iu vit d i also take lots of other supplements i take turmeric but to make it cheaper i take the powder in a milk shake i have also been the best bet diet for 6 years and i eel so much better when taking supplements and following the diet

10 months ago

5,000 Iu’s a day, keeps me around 130 nmol mark. Any higher than that – I don’t think my bod copes well.
lol……In Oz as well. I get mine from Iherb in the US as you pay through the nose for even 1000 Iu’s here. 400 seems
to be what normal people take.

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