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Vitamin D

Hi! My neurologist suggested that I start on vitamin D 5000/day. I did and felt fine. It was about a week later I got these really sharp pains in my bladder/ low ab area and sharp pains when I urinated. I thought it was a uti but the culture was negative. Talking to my gyno today, she says perhaps it was the passing of a small kidney stone that made its way to my urethra. I read that kidney stones are mostly calcium stones and one of the cause can be hig doses of vitamin D. Wow. I’m no dr. But it did raise an eyebrow. Even before I knew this I have gotten lazy with my vitamin D but now I’m hesitant. Anyway I’m going to run this by my neurologist, I just wanted to bring it here to see if anyone else has had anything similar. I know the research on vitamin D and MS and I really do want to keep with it!

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9 months ago

Mum dad grandma aunt umcle all had kidney stones it was so painful
I once suddenly jumped from kidney’s pain i drank so much water that night then i felt fine
Any sort of tablet might cause it
And I am like you never been on vitamin D regularly
Blood test two years ago showed its just 6
I still never had it but would never take big doze. After your post

9 months ago

@angieh , it seems that a vitamin D3 supplement can cause kidney stones, or help you avoid the, dependant on what you read!

The majority of our vitamin D3 requirements can come from direct sunlight. About 15 minutes of midday sun on bare skin, although I’m not suggesting naturism!

It might be worthwhile to get your levels checked and then you can see whether you have a need for supplementation.

9 months ago

Has the pained passed? I use to have UTI’s and they didn’t show until the second test. I no longer have them because I take a 500mg Vit C right before I go to bed. The Vit C sit in your bladder and burns away any bacteria. It has been 10 years since I had a bladder infection and I use to have a couple a month. Potter

9 months ago

@angieh Hi the jury seems to be out again on the value of Vitamin D3 !
I have rather given up on these ins and outs .. no one knows in my opinion. So if you think it is problematic …abandon!

9 months ago

5K is not even remotely ballpark high does Vit D, high is 40K+ per day…. I take 70K Vit D per day… but I have to manage it…

Don’t abandon it at all, your Kidney stones are most likely marginally related. You need to manage Vit D intake with other supplements.. e.g. magnesium etc. but the most important guidance is water 2.5 Ltrs per day + you need to be very careful with calcium intake… this is the real issue…

Too many details and variables to list.. PM me further info…

The 5K rec. is standard issue and is BS.

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