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1 year ago

Hi @katieelizabeth I just take the regular 30, 60 or 90 pack from whatever supermarket the same as I do with vitamin c & zinc. Sorry not much help I guess…

All the best,

1 year ago

Hi @katieelizabeth, I take the ones from Holland and Barrett, vitamin D3 1000 i.u. They cost about £8 for 100 tablets and My neurologist recommends I take 2000 i.u daily.

1 year ago

We better use our judgments based on our tests results after asking the gp we have kidneys not sure if its related but all tablets effect it no.
I dont like the fuss about anything thats y i agree with craigsreddie

1 year ago

When I was first diagnosed my neuro did a Vit D3 check and I was extremely low. It took me over a year to get it up to a normal level. I take 5,000 i.u. a day, I just buy the cheapest off the counter Vit D3. Potter

if you have your levels tested and they are very low consider large doses of D2 to get the level up quickly. Your doctor may recommend a dose 50000IU (taken 1 time a week will rise your level faster then 5000IU daily).

After you are at the optimal level, consider something like 5000 IU of D3.

Many people find the liquid form easier and more effective, but I dont know if thats really true or not. So we add D3 drops to smoothies, but use soft gels as well.

1 year ago

What’s the difference between D2 && D3??

1 year ago

Hi @katieelizabeth.

Regarding your question. On a quick google search:

“Vitamin D2 and D3 are the two most important forms for your health. Vitamin D2 is produced by plants, and Vitamin D3 is the one made by your skin when you get enough sunlight. Fortified foods can contain either form. Studies show that Vitamin D3 is far more important for our health than Vitamin D2.”

As for myself I take 6000 i.u per day of D3.

1 year ago

I also take 5000IU per day of D3 – have been on higher dose for last six months and no ill effects. Rec by consultant (1000iu per day) & herbalist.

1 year ago

@katieelizabeth – just be sure to get your levels checked – especially if you take huge doses. I’ve taken the 50k units many times due to very low levels. But vit D can be toxic if you take too much – so just be careful. I don’t think I could ever reach that point though – the highest I seem able to get is low normal, lol. I’ve decided to start spending time in the sun – just in time for winter! 1 – 2K/day of D3 of any brand is the usual rx – but if you’re really low – 50K/ week until you get your levels up is the norm.

As for extremely large doses over an extended period of time – there’s no evidence that it helps someone who already has MS. Jan

1 year ago


I take 4000ul a day and have been for a year along with folic acid and b12. My levels are almost at 100 which is what they recommend. They have risen more since I cut out gluten, think it was stopping me absorbing my vitamins.

Take care.

1 year ago

I take Ostelin 1 a week 7000IU each day and have levels above 100. Neuro doesn’t even bother testing vitamin D levels anymore.

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