5 years ago
Vit D

Finally had my first apt with MS nurse today, was quite helpful in relation to where I need to go for info…
Still having the Vit D ?? where do people source it?

thanks lovely people

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Apart from stripping off whenever the sun appears ;-), I get my vitamin D from my high strength cod liver oil tablets (200 IU) and 1000 IU from each burst from a spray I bought from Amazon. Also, more oily fish in my diet and rice milk with added vit D. (Have Calcium EAP and Magnesium EAP tablets to make sure my bones don’t break! and kale, which is a great source of calcium and other goodies)

As Freddie says some issues are being ironed out!
Here is one reply i got to this [email protected]

fazali3 replied to one of your updates:

“Firstly oil is not good for ya n secondly them tablets may be fake ! n the best way to get c
Vit D is to get Sunlight! ”

Lol Faz. Fish oils are a very good oil as opposed to the bad, greasy oils 😉
They are good for the omega3, which has shown to benefit those with MS, and my tablets were bought from Boots the Chemist, so aren’t fake.

Check my blog for more: http://djdsouza.wordpress.com/2009/01/12/what-i-do-to-fight-the-effects-of-multiple-sclerosis/

Hi, I have started taking vitamin D at a high dosage of a 1000IU and I got them from hollond and Barrett 🙂 I can’t say they work yet as Ive not long started them 🙂 hope that helped

My ms nurse said that 4000IU was the recommended dose and to get them from http://www.vitamind3uk.com/ mine arrived today!

am taking 20,000iu at the moment, got them from my doctors trying to get in the sun but at the moment its pure rain

Wow! How did you get it from your doctor? Do you feel any benefits?

i had vit d check done and since it was incredably low the gave me a coarse of them, should go have one done, and not at the moment only started them on wednesday

I think my Vit D levels may be good, but I think I’ll get that checked

I take 500iu daily. Neuro checked recently I got a 42 which is low but at least in the range of 30 to 100 so I am happy. Was advised to keep taking the vitamin D

Hi boys and girls,
You dont have to bake in the sun to get vitD. Just a few mins every day and thats it. However 4000IU is what the daily dose of intake should be.
It is now showing that some children are now low in vitD due to the high strenght sun creams that are being used. Rickets that was given to the past is now starting to show up again.
Dont know at times what to think?
Jane x

Thank you all so much for your replies… I am actually a nurse and a midwife.. though working as a midwife forgotten all nursing stuff… asked the senior partner at my GP surgery (where I work) to advise me re the Vit D ? very wise man.. found info that is coming out in America that highlights that Vit D in high levels may in fact be contraindicated..and he probably wouldnt take it.. when I asked the MS nurse she said that she had to advocate the local policy re Vit D.. and talked about the research to date.. which is of course very clear… but she couldnt really give me a straight answer.. bearing in mind that I was brought up in the West coast highlands of Scotland.. where it is dark and rains all the time.. v little sun..(typical reasoning) its all very confusing.. even when asking this qu.. everyone seems to have differing usage and opinions.. We are all different.. as is the affect MS has on our bodies and minds.. but wouldnt it just make life easy if someone could just say.. go on love.. do that .. all will be grand.. lol I am still coming to terms with not burying my head in the sand about it all… very glad to have found all you guys 🙂

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