suewy 26/11/17
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Visual disturbance

Hi Everyone,
I am experiencing flashing zig zag lights in my vision and can’t see the left side of my vision when looking forward. I have no pain in my head or eye. Has anyone experienced similar?


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7 months ago

Hi suewy

You need to go to the opticians or eye department in hospital very quickly if you’ve got any loss of vision and flashes of light! It can indicate a retinal tear. It may just be a visual headache though but either way you need to be seen asap.
I hope everything is ok!

7 months ago

Sorry, that meant to say a visual migrane (not headache) .

7 months ago

i would suggest eye casualty as soon as you can, it isn’t trivial so don’t feel you have to struggle on through it. have someone help you to get there safely
wish you well

7 months ago

Thanks for the replies, I think it was just a visual migraine, it has cleared now.

7 months ago


Glad to hear it resolved:) Here’s a link on ocular migraines you may find interesting

I get these quite frequently, 5 minute ramp up then last for 20. Always the left eye which is the side where I experience the majority of my ms symptoms… Hmmm.

Still a good idea to get this on record/consult with an optometrist.

7 months ago


Thanks for the link. It seems to be what I had. I have had a headache all day today that is possibly related.
I have made an appointment at the opticians but the earliest they had is 2 weeks on Thursday!

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