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Vision Problems

Just wondering if anybody here has or is experiencing vision problems, if so, what are you experiencing?. With myself it tends to come and go but over the last few months I’ve noticed it being more prevalent. I don’t lose my sight completely as in blindness but I do find myself having to squint a lot more whether it be at the Computer Screen, TV, Page of a Book or just in general. Bright Lights also drive me crazy bringing on not only squinting but also headaches and even head shaking..

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11 months ago

Dear @peterfrancis

In the past I have suffered from double vision also one of the eyes would see the colours quite dimmed. it lasted almost a year to come back to normal.

Now I started with double vision again and hopefully gets resolved in less than a year ….

11 months ago

@peterfrancis , before you consider MS, get yourself to a good optician for an eye test.

They’ll be able to see whether you need glasses/new glasses. They can also consider whether tinted lenses may be of benefit.

They should also be able to see whether there is any neurological damage.

11 months ago

Hi Peter, starting to loose my sight is a sign of relapse with me, last time I had one in October last year had a major row with docs cos they wouldn’t start intravenous steroids till they had an up to date MRI. I have had ms for 25 years and I know more about my relapses than them so I signed myself out the hospital and told them I had some out of date oral steroids at home and I was going to try and save my sight cos I threatened to sue them if I lost my sight permanently, they saw sense and started intravenous straight away, saved my sight but despite 6 in hospital never got MRI, well ifyoure face doesn’t fit! Have you had steroids? I know everyone is different so find out what works for you😍

11 months ago

I wear Glasses already and as I am also Type 1 Diabetic I have to have regular eye tests. I had Myopia on the surface of one of my eyes and had laser treatment for it which got rid of it. It has come back however whether or not this has something to do with the MS or not is unclear. I am no longer in contact with Eye specialists at my local hospital but I’ll be sure to mention it to the MS Nurses / Doctor…. whoever I see next, so many appointments, makes ya feel like screaming “TAKE A WEEK OFF WILL YA!.”

11 months ago

@grandma – I am also Type 1 Diabetic so as for what treatments they can offer me, they have to be careful and wary as something like steroids could have an adverse effect.

11 months ago

The only thing steroids have done for me was to make everything taste like a silver dollar. I’ve never found them to help at all. Hope you have better results….

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